PowerOn Cycling brings Tampa to Mayors Ride Music & Excitement

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  1. Mark Power of Power On Cycling will be helping us showcase Tampa, Florida's Greenway excitement
    (see link below) with our ride next summer. His sponsorship makes the southeast an official player
    in next summer's 3rd Annual National Mayors' Ride. And as he does so, he joins Angle Lake Cyclery
    in Seattle, actress/cyclist Libby Aubrey's School of Champions in the Los Angeles area and
    Reynolds Weld Lab in the Boston area to round out all four corners of the US on our ride to
    Chicago next summer.

    So we now need a rider or riders to crank the 936 mile distance from the June 1 Tampa reception to
    July 2 Washington, DC where, after the Western Pennsylvania Field Institute (WPFI) people soon start
    cranking their publicity motors, the whole eastern seaboard is going to know we are coming. And as
    George Reynolds starts his ride on June 21 from Boston to New York and as the Nation's Capital soon
    starts to come alive with well known two wheel advocate Larry Black's (owner of College Park Bikes)
    connections, such as possible mind blowing performances by Janet Bressler, etc, the East may be as
    noisy as the West where singer/songwriter Claire Machado and her band C.A.M. Engine will be on tour
    with relay riders going from LA to Chicago!! And once our ride does leave the east coast for
    Pittsburgh, WPFI and Ro Fischer and the rest of Mayor Tom Murphy's office will receive them with a
    mini parade, police escort and speakers like they did in 2002 as per the link noted at the end
    (storms last year fully scuttled an ever bigger 2003 program).

    There is so much excitement going on on both coasts, it is truly hard to keep it all straight. Wee

    If you want to know more about Mark's Power On Cycling, here is what I wrote Jan 22, 2003:

    After successfully filling the gap for hard to find recumbent parts left vacant by first Cyclopedia
    and then HPV Supply, Mark Power wasted no time taking his mail order business to a whole new level
    as soon as he retired from the Air Force (he was there 25 years!!) this last summer. In the Tampa FL
    area, he opened up a shop for Power On Cycling http://www.PowerOnCycling.com where he is now also an
    official dealer for Rans, HP Veloteknik, Challenge, M-5 and Easy Racer. In addition, he recently
    purchased the rights to the Swanson hard shell seat pictured at
    http://www.PowerOnCycling.com/RECUMBENT%20SEATS.htm. The homebuilder's dream, these seats are
    available in fiberglass and carbon fiber.

    Having watched the traffic to his site grow and grow, I know his outstanding success has been all
    about service. And it is toward that end, that we made recumbents that much more 'power'fully
    visible for everyone!!


    Mark is truly a sweetheart of a guy worthy of our support!!

    Links for above: 2004 National Mayors' Ride <http://www.BikeRoute.com/NationalMayorsRide2004> Tampa
    Greenways <http://www.tampagov.net/dept_parks/trails> Libby Aubrey's School of Champions
    <http://www.libbyaubrey.com/champion/champion.htm> Angle Lake Cyclery <http://anglelake.com>
    Reynolds Weld Lab <http://reynoldsweldlabs.com> Western Pennsylvania Field Institute
    <http://wpfi.org> College Park Bikes <http://bike123.com> Janet Bressler
    <http://www.janetbressler.com> Claire Machado and her band C.A.M. Engine
    <http://www.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Cam_Engine> Pittsburgh 2002

    MARTIN KRIEG "Awake Again" Author c/o BikeRoute.com 79 & 86 TransAms, nonprofit Nat. Bicycle
    Greenway CEO

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    and reversing paralysis, *I was God* when I answered that question.

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