Powertap 2.4 Data Stuck


New Member
Mar 17, 2006
I have a weird problem. My wireless CPU shows my ride from today 3-25-2009 and only today. Yet When I down load it I get last Sundays ride, 3-22-2009 instead.

Sunday, the display was dim so I changed the battery. I Thought I cleared Sundays data and it does not show in the total time on the CPU.

I set the time when I changed the battery, but when I checked it after today's download happieness, it had went back to 2005.

I got the same result in the latest build of WKO+ and Power Agent 5.0

The CPU says data is there, is there a way to get it out?

A simalar thing happened when it died temporarily in the cold a month back, Only half the data would down load even though most of the ride showed on the CPU.

It did flash FULL several times during today's ride, but the timer kept counting. Sunday's file was 4 hours and today was 2.5, so even at one second recording, there should be over 8 hours left.