Powertap P1 Trouble


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Jul 28, 2010
Well, i've splashed out on a set of Powertap P1 pedals....great ! Now I'm stuck. Using my garmin edge 500, I seem to only pick up my left pedal. When I pedal only with the right foot there is no power reading. When I try to calibrate (set the offset) it states 'calibrating....' And just stays there. I think it is registering just the left pedal on the Garmin and doubling the value as my watts seem a lot higher than the effort put in (if only this was the case). Anyone got any advice ?

Regards, knight987


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Feb 3, 2008

The pedals are factory paired to each other during the production process. They operate in a master/slave configuration. The right pedal (slave) is permanently paired to the left pedal and transmits data to it during activity. The left pedal (master) combines its data with the data of the right pedal and transmits the combined data to the receiving unit. Only the left pedal (master) can be paired to a display unit. Display units will not be able to pair to the right side pedal. For pairing instructions specific to your receiving device see your display unit’s instructions for pairing.


Spin both pedals to wake them and once you get going unclip from the left pedal and pedal one legged for a little while and see what your right pedal says...