PowerTap Sl 2.4 Data Question


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May 8, 2007
I just recieved my new PT 2.4 from Competitive Cycle ( asked and was assured data drop issue resolved) and learning how to use. Figured most out, can use cycling peaks and have enjoyed first few days but...

yesterday I noticed a problem. I was training with a partner, 3 min intervals on a steady light climb. After warmup we calibrated "time" from my SL 2.4 and her "good old" cateye. Off we went targeting three minutes. I started at 23:30 so targeted 26:30 to complete... off I went. Watching my computer, I was loving the power meter and climbing strong when suddenly my partner was yelling from behind me???? When I stopped and went back, she asked me "Why am I going over 3 minutes, I said I wasn't, actually only 2:45 to me. We rolled back down the hill and noticed that, by my time we got to bottom I still had :30 seconds rest whereas her time said gogo. To make this long story short, we measured intervals and each of my 3 minutes were 3:30+ to her cateye.

The funny thing was when I downloaded, sure enough, when I looked at the intervals, each was somewhere between 3:20 - 3:40 on the screen and the total ride time did not match the actual unit time. Overal ride on bike computer screen was 2:27 and on software, 2:48.

Any thoughts? What did I set up wrong? Is it a power drop issue?

PS: Sure this has been addressed by my HRM also stopped and can't get it to work, just the ------

Thanks for any help