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Ron Friedel

Another alternative to GRABAAWR or SAGBRAW in Wisconsin is the POWWOW Tours. Take a look at
http://www.wisconsinbicycletours.com/. You stay in college dorms and have two college cafeteria
meals per day. This years' tour goes through the "Kettle Moraine" area of east central Wisconsin
between Fond du Lac and Sheboygan.

Last summer I rode cross-country on the Adventure Cycling Northern Tier Route and a couple of weeks
after the trip we were riding in the Kettle Moraine area and I commented that we were in some of the
most beautiful places we had been in all summer. Some of that is love for your homeland. But there
is lots of diversity in Wisconsin. Varied terrain, landscape textures, varied crops and colors of
fields, hardwoods and pines, and lots of farms dotting your view. Plus a good network of low
trafficked roads.

(For those of you who know a little geology, Kettle Moraine should be translated to kettles and
moraines. This is an area of interlobate moraines between two lobes, the Lake Michigan and Green Bay
lobes, of the Wisconsin glaciation. Much of the natural beauty of Wisconsin is because of that
recent glaciation. Most all of the lakes, marshes and swamps are a result. And the continental
glaciers are the cyclist's friend. They smooth out the landscape.)

Dennis and Peggy are very supportive of recumbents. There is a link to WISIL on the webpage.

Ron Friedel
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