Pregnant or not, CAs can prevent subluxations/make birth easier!


Todd Gastaldo

PREGNANT CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANTS: MDs are senselessly closing birth canals up to 30% by using
semisitting and dorsal delivery.

A woman can simultaneously help prevent an episiotomy - protect her VAGINA - by helping to protect
her baby's brain...

That is, it's EASY to allow your birth canal to OPEN the "extra" up to 30%. But see the
WARNING below.

OPEN LETTER (archived for global access at:

Michelle Geller-Vino, CA Boca-Raton, Florida via contact form

Rose Jacobs, CA Chesterfield, Missouri [email protected]

Lisa Bilodeau, CA Scotts Valley, California

DEAR MICHELLE, ROSE AND LISA (Lisa via Michelle and/or Rose, hopefully),

You three train/educate chiropractic assistants/CAs...

If any of the CAs you are training are pregnant - if any women in your circle of family and friends
are pregnant - please share the info below with them.

Feel free to print out this email and use it as a handout.

PREGNANT OR NOT, chiropractic assistants/CAs can help save tiny lives and tiny limbs and PREVENT
more vertebral subluxations than DCs will ever be able to adjust by hand.

As indicated above, MDs are senselessly closing birth canals up to 30% by using semisitting and
dorsal delivery and it's EASY for women to allow their birth canals to open the "extra" up to 30% -
but see the WARNING below.


In addition to senselessly closing birth canals up to 30%, MDs are gruesomely (sometimes fatally)
manipulating the tiniest spines:

1. MDs are PUSHING violently on tiny spines - chemically whipping uteri with oxytocin and/or Cytotec
- with birth canals senselessly closed up to 30%; and
2. MDs are PULLING gruesomely on tiny spines - with hands, forceps and/or vacuums - with birth
canals senselessly closed up to 30%...

NOTE: ALL spinal manipulation is gruesome with the birth canal senselessly closed!

Urge the doctors of chiropractic for whom you work to think SUBLUXATION PREVENTION - urge them to
visit the nearest maternity hospitals and talk to the MD-obstetricians there...

ATTENTION MDs: Knowing when NOT to manipulate the spine is perhaps the most important lesson learned
in chiropractic college.

You guys should NOT be pushing or pulling with birth canals senselessly closed up to 30%!

If you must push or pull - and sometimes you must - first get the woman off her back.butt.bum.

They should not be on their backs.butts.bums in the first place - not as they push their babies out!


The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist's/ACOG's Shoulder Dystocia video purports to
tell MDs how to OPEN the birth canal when baby's shoulders get stuck - which obviously means that
MD-obstetricians know they are closing birth canals.

WORSE: The ACOG method for opening the birth canal when baby's shoulders get stuck (PROPER (bad)
McRoberts) - actually keeps the birth canal closed!

See IMPROPER McRoberts can save tiny lives and tiny limbs...

FURTHER PROOF (that MDs know they are closing birth canals)...

The British National Health Service/NHS West Midlands Perinatal Institute/WMPI (Jason Gardosi, MD,
Director) writes of the semirecumbent delivery position (semisitting):

"...the weight of the mother is in part taken on the sacrum which is therefore pushed upwards, thus
decreasing the antero-posterior diameter of the pelvic outlet..."


In addition to routinely closing birth canals up to 30%, MDs often GRUESOMELY manipulate babies'
spines (push with oxytocin; pull with forceps/vacuums) with the birth canal senselessly closed
up to 30%.

An estimated six babies per day DIE from vacuum-assisted spinal manipulation alone - with birth
canals senselessly closed up to 30%.

See again: How NOT to do McRoberts maneuver...

As indicated above, MD-obstetricians are slashing vaginas en masse (euphemism "routine episiotomy")
- surgically/FRAUDULENTLY inferring that everything possible has been done to OPEN the birth canal -
even as they CLOSE the birth canal!


Michael C. Klein, MD writes: "[E]pisiotomy is a deliberate second degree tear." [Birth. Letter.

Some MDs are still claiming (fraudulently) that their episiotomies are *preventing* severe tears
clear to the anus when in fact MDs are CAUSING severe tears clear to the anus!

In 1990 the National Institutes of Health researched the issue and found that deliberate tears by
MDs (episiotomies) cause fifty times MORE severe tears (tears clear to the anus) relative to leaving
the vagina alone.[Shiono et al. Obstet Gynecol 1990;75(5):765-70. In Klein et al. Online J Curr Clin
Trials (Jul1)1992, Doc. No. 10]

"The most common diagnosis for hospitalization among all women is trauma to perineum due to

MDs are deliberately/senselessly traumatizing perinea - and calling it "childbirth." (!)

This is not childbirth! This is MEDICAL birth - obvious criminal activity...

MDs are not only hospitalizing women DURING birth - they are using birth to hospitalize women
AFTER birth!

This is MASSIVE health fraud!

PREGNANT WOMEN: To offer your baby the up to 30% "extra" - simply roll onto your side as you push
your baby out!

There are LOTS of "alternative" delivery positions that allow the birth canal to open maximally -
kneeling, hands-and-knees, squatting, standing, etec.

Talk to your MD or CNMwife NOW - before your delivery!

WARNING: Some MDs and CNMwives may still close your birth canal (!), as in,

"[M]ost doctors and [nurse] midwives are accustomed to the semisitting position...[T]hey may be
willing to let you try other positions, if you ask...[But] you get close to delivery...[they]
may ask you to move to [semisitting]..." [Simkin, P, Whalley J, Keppler, A. Pregnancy, Childbirth
and the Newborn: The Complete Guide (Expanded and updated). Meadowbrook Press: Minnetonka, MN (dist.
by Simon and Schuster). 2001:201]

4.6% of "healthy" term babies are born with unexplained brain bleeds!

And up to 3% of cephalic vaginal deliveries suffer shoulder dystocia!

LADIES: If your baby's shoulders get stuck inside you, do NOT let the MD pull with you on your
back/butt, closing your birth canal.

You should not have been on your back/butt closing your birth canal in the first place!

It's sort of a chiropractic emergency.

Please help stop MDs from closing birth canals.

Please share this info with as many pregnant women as possible.



Dr. Gastaldo [email protected]

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