Pregnant? PSYCHIC (chiropractic) adjusting can make birth easier...


Todd Gastaldo

PSYCHIC: pertaining to the psyche or to the mind; mental [psyche - a Greek word meaning "the organ
of thought and judgement"] --Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 29th ed.

PREGNANT WOMEN: A noxious psychic (educational) irritant (MDs are afraid they will go to prison***)
is causing MDs to senselessly close birth canals up to 30% and behave as classic chiropractic
subluxations. pinching and stretching nerves.

This noxious psychic (educational) irritant is causing MD-obstetricians to use dorsal or semisitting
delivery positions - both of which close the birth canal up to 30%. The nerves pinched and stretched
are the brain and bracial plexus, respectively.

Sometimes, AFTER the brain is pinched with birth canal senselessly closed, MDs stretch the brachial
plexus nerves so far that some of them rip out of the spinal cord!

***MD-obstetricians can't stop their massive crime because stopping it would be tantamount to
admitting it...

MD-obstetricians INDIRECTLY admit the crime ON VIDEO. (On the video, MDs purport to tell each other
how to allow birth canals to open maximally when shoulders get stuck - which means they know they
are CLOSING birth canals most of the time. The kicker is that their method of allowing the birth
canal to open actually keeps it closed!)

See ACOG birth crime video evidence


Dr. DD Palmer, Founder of chiropractic, wrote: "I...named the mental act of accumulating
knowledge...Chiropractic." [1910:19]

With MDs senselessly closing birth canals and RESTRICTING the mental act of accumulating

A chiropractic PSYCHIC (educational) adjustment is in order:

LADIES: To allow your birth canal to OPEN the "extra" up to 30%, simply roll onto your side as you
push your baby out - or use kneeling, hands-and-knees, stand, squat - use virtually ANY delivery
position other than semisitting and dorsal.

Talk to your OB or CNMwife about this today - but see my "alternative" delivery position WARNING in
"ACOG birth crime video evidence," URL above.

NOTE: There is an INNATE/SPIRIT DISCUSSION at the end of this post...

Speaking of spiritual matters...pardons...


I am in favor of pardons in advance for MDs. MDs are just academic prime cuts forced through this
culture's most powerful mental meatgrinder - medical school.

I am also in favor of pardons in advance for CNMwives...

See UNM CNMwife: 'If a woman panics at any time...'

Pardons in advance would send a clear message - and quickly stop the senseless birth crime.

Pardons in advance would allow MDs and CNMwives to keep doing their valid medical work earning money
to pay the inevitable civil damage awards that will follow...


INTERESTING NOTE: The US Supreme Court recently gave Catholic priests a

California's recent extension of the statute of limitations...

crimes prosecutor was quoted by CBS News in "Case Closed On Old Abuse Charges"...

Even though the US Supreme Court had just given 800 accused, admitted or convicted child molesters a
free pass in California...

Deputy DA Bill said,

"I don't think anyone gets a free pass at molesting a child...We are reviewing cases where we have
convicted, proven child molesters who are going to be hitting the streets of Los Angeles and the
rest of California and that is just a scary prospect..." LOS ANGELES, July 9, 2003^^^

^^^"(CBS) In a ritual that takes just a few seconds, cases against priests accused of molesting
children are being thrown out. Not because they were proven innocent -- but because the U.S. Supreme
Court ruled California can't

means perhaps eight hundred accused, admitted or convicted molesters could

offenders and no criminal action can ever be taken against them for those crimes."

The Court also ruled Thursday that the government cannot retroactively erase statutes of
limitations, a defeat for prosecutors trying to pursue priests

On a 5-4 vote, the justices struck down a California law that allowed

accused of molesting his daughters when they were children.

Catholic church, but it also has implications for terrorism and other crimes.

Justice Stephen Breyer, writing for the court, said the Constitution bars states from revising
already expired legal deadlines.

DAMN! I wasn't aware that the US Supreme Court had given Catholic "pedo-priests" pardons in advance
when I was writing about Deputy DA Bill giving AMA "pedo-priests" a free pass...

See FBI: AMA 'pedo-priests': Will DA Cooley prosecute?

And see: Feldenkrais vs. Surgery (also: ugh, Erb's prevention)

I'll cc Deputy DA Bill and his boss LA County DA Steve Cooley again via [email protected]



PSYCHE: 1. The human faculty for thought, judgment, and emotion; the mental life, including both
conscious and unconscious processes; the mind in its totality, as distinguished from the body. 2 the
soul or self. --Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 29th ed.

HOWARD E. LOOMIS, JR., DC, FIACA discusses the work of doctors of chiropractic but doesn't use the
word PSYCHIC...

Howard writes instead of "emotional or spiritual" stress:

"In summary, we can say that [doctors of chiropractic] only treat one condition, stress, which has
three causes...[1] Mechanical or structural...[2] Biochemical or nutritional...[3] Emotional or
spiritual...Regardless of the source the body will always respond in an identical manner
biochemically or physiologically. There will always be muscle contraction, and we can use it as an
absolutely reliable diagnostic instrument." --Howard E. Loomis, Jr., DC, FIACA [Subluxation: Cause
or effect? The Chiropractic Journal [(Feb)2004:31]

OPEN LETTER (archived for global access at:

Howard E. Loomis, Jr., DC, FIACA Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition 6421 Enterprise Lane Madison,
WI 53719-1116 800-662-2630 - Toll-free 608-273-8115 - Phone 608-273-8111 - Fax
[email protected]


I was pleased to see - as noted above - that Dorland's says psychic pertains to the psyche and that
psyche includes emotion - presumably also emotional STRESS...

You might be interested to know that WD Harper, DC noted that Dr. DD Palmer's fundamental
chiropractic hypothesis in effect preceded Hans Selye's stress concept:

"Hans Selye says that 'Stress is the cause of disease.' I ask you - isn't this just pure and simple
environmental [mechanical, chemical, psychic] irritation of the nervous system? It's later than we
think!" [Harper WD. Anything Can Cause Anything: A Correlation of Dr. DD Palmer's Principles of
Chiropractic [Pasadena, TX: Texas Chiropractic College 3rd ed. 1974:161].

Howard, I'm not sure about your "absolutely reliable diagnostic instrument" phraseology quoted above
- but it sounds a LOT like Dr. DD Palmer's straight chiropractic as outlined in Dr. Harper's book,
just cited.

Given your "diagnositic" phraseology, you might be interested to know that - based on Dr. Harper's
book (just cited) - I defined chiropractic in Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary as "a science
of applied neurophysiologic diagnosis."

Ds. Harper - before he died - was *quite* pleased with my "applied neurophysiologic diagnosis"
phraseology in Dorland's. He said I must have had help in changing the definition of
chiropractic in Dorland's.

Actually, I didn't have much help. Indeed, in 1999, political "leaders" over at the American
Chiropractic Association/ACA (unsuccessfully) tried to CENSOR "my" definition - which was inspired
by ACA's The Highest Obligation.

The attempted censorship by ACA political "leaders" didn't surprise me. Dr. Harper said of ACA's The
Highest Obligation: "It is confirmed by this text and it is recorded here for posterity just in case
it gets lost somewhere in the fast shuffle of political chiropractic..." [1974:xii; "and again for
posterity" on p. 200]

In 2003, political "leaders" over at the American Chiropractic Association finally succeeded in
censoring "my" definition of chiropractic from Dorland's - at least that's my best guess as to who
was responsible given their failed 1999 censorship attempt...

For more details...

See Dorland's: Preventing VS by educating OBs (also: New defn of chiro in Dorland's)

Just thought you might be interested.


Dt. Gastaldo [email protected]






Terry Rondberg, DC, publisher of The Chiropractic Journal where your column (quoted above) appeared,
is sort of a worshipper of DD's son BJ.

Terry used to pretend that chiropractic adjusting is only for VERTEBRAL subluxations - which is why
I was so pleased to see your "stress" article in Terry's journal - along with a reference to

Do use Selye's word "stress" if you must - but I urge you to always add chiropractic's word
"subluxation" - and not just in regard to mechanical stressors.

Remember: DD-straight chiropractic involves diagnosis and adjustment of PSYCHIC (educational)
SUBLUXATIONS. DD saw *lots* of non-spinal subluxations in BJ's journal The Chiropractor; so he
adjusted them and subtitled his only book The Chiropractor's Adjuster.


DD did not consider chiros "physicians" because (as he noted - my quotes around the word "physic"):
"physic"ians give "physic." ("A physician is one who gives physic, a medicine man." [1910:695])

Doctors of chiropractic are considered physicians by the federal government and they may legally
call themselves chiropractic physicians in many states...

I think "physician" is a power word and DCs should not give in to organized medicine's attempt to
monopolize the term...

Here's why...


Original "PHYSIC"IANS were so called because they mostly administered "PHYSIC" to empty bowels of
fecal matter. The art of medicine and of therapeutics was NAMED after the administration of "physic"
- "a medicine, esp. a cathartic." -> "cathartic...causing emptying of the bowels." [Dorland's
Illustrated Medical Dictionary 29th ed. 2000]

"Physic"ians later expanded to emptying MINDS of "fecal matter" ("repressed material") as in,
"catharsis...purgation [emptying the bowels, as by a psychiatry, release of ideas,
thoughts, and repressed material from the unconscious..." [Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary
29th ed. 2000]

"Physic"ians ANTI-COMPETITIVELY and ANTI-SCIENTIFICALLY profited from the administration of "physic"
- and - I SAY AGAIN - they expanded the "physic" notion to include hypothetical "release" of
"material" from the unconscious mind.

(I think this is where "physic"ian neurologists split from "physic"ian psychiatrists.)

"Physic"ians STILL anti-competitively and anti-scientifically profit from the administration of
"physic" - mothers and babies be damned.

"Physic"ians have a history of practicing QUACKERY (unproven therapeutics) all the while CENSORING
non-"physic"ians by calling THEM quacks.

WHAT is the difference between an MD "physic"ian psychiatrist ("Quackbuster" Barrett) releasing
hypothetical "material" from the unconscious mind - and a DC physician orthopedist
releasing/mobilizing hypothetical vertebral subluxations?!

"physic"/KEY POINT: MDs are trying to own the word "physician" and use it (in laws and regs) as a
way to determine who gets paid and how much for SUPPOSEDLY identical services.

MDs are claiming (for example) that they should get paid more for diagnosis and treatment of the
current focus of chiropractic physician practice (musculoskeletal probs)
- even though MDs are demonstrably "inadequate" in this area of practice, as in this 1998 quote
from a medical journal:

"A basic familiarity with musculoskeletal disorders is essential for all medical school
graduates...eventy (82 per cent) of eighty-five medical school graduates failed a valid
musculoskeletal competency examination. We therefore believe that medical school preparation in
musculoskeletal medicine is INADEQUATE." [emphasis added] -- Freedman KB, Bernstein J. J Bone Joint
Surg Am. 1998 Oct;80(10):1421-7 (PubMed abstract excerpt)

As indicated above, the most prolific spinal manipulators - MD-obstetricians - are committing a
MASSIVE spinal manipulation crime.

The chiro trade unions are SILENT!

I suspect the same political "leaders" in chiropractic who censored DDs fundamental chiropractic
hypothesis from Dorland's are responsible for the silence of the chiro trade unions regarding the
MD-obstetricians' massive spinal manipulation crime.

See again: Dorland's: Preventing VS by educating OBs (also: New defn of chiro in Dorland's)



The "physician" discussion above was taken from a post wherein I mentioned that one woman humorously
claimed to have "channelled" me during her labor.

See Arnold! (also: Channeling Gastaldo) (also: chiros/SACA/WFC) (also: Warning about usenet MDs)

Here's the quote from that woman...


"[I was] lean[ing] over the ottoman for a contraction, when I CHANNELLED TODD GASTALDO!! I heard a
voice clear as day (in my head of course) that said 'Open your birth canal' (up to 30% I thought)...
--Moe on

A perhaps pertinent quote from DD:

"The brain may receive impressions from a distance, far or near, by that transference, known as
telepathy, thru mentiferous ether vibration. Our next great advancement will be the recognition and
use of ether vibration." [DD Palmer 1910:794]

I SWEAR I wasn't "channelling." (!)


DD wrote:

"[T]he physical...includes the psychic, the soul...the bond of union between spirit and body..." [DD
Palmer 1910:497]

Dorland's 29th edition defines spirit as "liquid": 1. any volatile or distilled liquid. 2. a
solution of volatile material in alcohol...

This aspiritual "liquid" Dorland's definition of spirit reminds me..

DD said: "To be sure, Chiropractic may be practiced without a knowledge of...[Innate-Soul-
Body]...but, why not know what your business if founded upon?" [DD Palmer 1910:691]

DD founded chiropractic on an Innate/spirit assumption - a diagnostic trick: There is always a
spiritual force irritating the nervous system to cause health - so if a patient is sick - look for
noxious mech/chem/psychic irritants in the internal and external environments - and ADJUST.

DD was NOT just talking about diagnosing and adjusting vertebral subluxations.

One last note...

Dorland's defines humor as "liquid" too!

"Humor...1. a fluid or semifluid substance...2. one of the four hypothetical fluids of

"Humoralism...the ancient theory that health and illness result from a balance or imbalance of
bodily liquids...Humoralism is a variant of Empedocles' theory of the four 'roots' (earth, air,
fire, water), later the four 'elements,' then the four qualities (hot, cold, moist, dry), then the
four temperaments...The four humors and the four qualities are (1) phlegm...(2) blood...(3) black
bile...(4) yellow bile or choler...Humoralism was decisively displaced only in 1858 by Rudolf
Virchow's *Cellularpathologie*..."

Back in 1858, obstetricians were still killing women by not washing their hands...

Opening the birth canal is - well - as easy as washing your hands!

This free psychic (chiropractic) adjustment is being roundly ignored by obstetricians.

I feel sort of like Ignac Semmelweis...

Thanks for reading,



Du. Gastaldo [email protected]

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Todd Gastaldo <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> PSYCHIC: pertaining to the psyche or to the mind; mental [psyche - a Greek word meaning "the organ
> of thought and judgement"] --Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 29th ed.

All so-called psychics are fakes see the million dollar challenge