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Andrew Larigo

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Feb 5, 2003
Am seeking advice from those who have or are racing now. I have my first race coming up this w/end & would like advice form others on how I should prepare for it on the day. Time to arrive before sign on, what to eat/drink, warm up prior to race - Turbo or road?? (It's an 80km Road Race) etc...

I HAVE been training in earnest to a plan since Feb & just got back from 'The Stephen Roche' Camp last week after polishing my climbing ability in the Majorcan hills.




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Mar 26, 2003

Sounds like you are ready to race!!!

I would wash and check out my bike today (thurs), and what ever you do, if your bike is working properly, don't screw with anything!!!

As for the race, get there early. Eat and drink what you know will make your stomach happy. Bring the turbo, as you may not have a road or area available to warm up. Bring an extra set of wheels (training wheels) for warming up on the road. Bring some tools, spare tires/tubes, and a floor pump also.

Don't forget other essentials like spare clothing, food, money, etc. Check out a map today or friday if you have never been to the area before. Double check all essential eqipment before you leave the house.

Racing is stressful, and working out the logistics can be a bigger job than you might think!!!

Good luck in your race!!!


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Jul 29, 2001
Thats so imprortant to check the bike for a big race. I found one of my wheels spokes where loose and the wheel was touching the breaks every revoulution and stoping. So thats why my hr was 190 for 5 minutes untill i got drooped. I went to spin the wheel after the race and it would not move!! You realy feel stupid.

Warm up properly, it makes tons of difference and is a must. Iv tried to race without warmup and the legs just felt like i was ripping them apart. not good. I then get dropped mostly when i would never with a warmup.

use the watter./food you need in training/ maybe a bit more food

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