Preparing for winter


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Oct 26, 2001
The weather is starting to get cold and WET and I was wondering about tyres, the tyres on the bike are Hutchinson Reflex, that came with the bike.Should I change them for something more suited to winter riding and if so what ?<br /><br />Also is there anything else I can do to prepare the bike for the onslaught of winter. I've used Finish Line dry lube for the chain what can I use in the wet or is that okay to continue using?<br /><br />I've heard people say they keep their bike off the road in the winter because of the salt but that's not an option for me.<br /><br />Any input would be welcome because this is going to be my first winter on the road.<br /><br />Thanks Laz <br /><br />now if I just find a smiley that's shivering[/siz]
Those Hutchies are fine Laz. What you need to keep in mind tho is that you take longer to stop when the brakes are wet. This is caused by the layer of water on the brake pads and the braking surface of the rim. So if you need to stop, start applying brakes earlier than you would in the dry.<br />Also avoid the painted lines on the road. They become like ice in the wet.<br /><br />The chain lube you use is fine. Lube the cables, calipers, the chain, deraileurs etc. frequently if you ride in the wet often. Don't overdo it tho. Too much lube is just as bad as too little.<br />Dry the bike off when you get out of the rain, and maybe give it a good wash and dry over the weekends.<br />BTW, why don't you use your MTB on the wet days and save the road machine for the dry? Then you'll have no worries at all!
Vo2. I use the Mtb to commute and of course off-road,but I have to admit that I can't wait until the weekends so that I can give the Roadbike an outing, (road riding is addictive isn't it ;)).<br /><br />The last couple of days the wind has picked up quite considerably and I can't believe just how much it affects my average speed. I knew it would slow me down but wow :eek:.<br /><br />I also think my stamina has improved greatly on the roadbike and it's something I want to keep hold of, so I'm determined to go riding on the thing through the winter.Normally I'm a chicken in the bad weather but that ain't going to happen this year(he say's determinedly)<br /><br />Winter clothes are something I'm experimenting with at the moment, Trying to get the balance right between comfort and adequate protection is proving tricky, but I'll get there.<br /><br />I've been told by some runners that I should buy some Helly Hansen thermals, they wick away sweat from the body, which at the moment is the problem.<br /><br />Thanks for info I wasn't sure about the tyres and the lube.<br /><br />Laz

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