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May 3, 2015
Tomorrow I have my annual eye exam in the morning. The doctor will likely give me a new corrective lenses prescription. As soon as I recover from my eyes being dilated I want to order prescription sunglasses.

I know there was a thread about prescription glasses a few months ago and I will check for that...but I just want to check what you good folks feel is cool to wear for sunglasses. Is Oakley a favorite? Other vendors? Or does it really matter? I guess I'm looking for good eye protection most of all, and some form of reasonable pricing.

Thanks a ton

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Good luck with your upcoming eye exam, I hope it goes well for you. :)

I usually wear Oakley sunglasses when I'm cycling. Primarily because they are affordable and are a well-known, trusted brand. I've been wearing them since the 90's and I've never had any problems with them. I even have a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses but they're not really meant for cycling. They do look more attractive and I only wear them when I'm out cycling casually.
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Thank you! I had a great eye exam, and will be ordering Oakley's today per the advice of my opthalmologist.


It's all you need to know for inexpensive, top quality eyewear. My $25 Titanium memory flex 80% shades from Zenni are just as good as my (also Chinese made frames) Titanium memory flex script Ray-Bans that set me back $450 from Lens Grafters.

I order 2 pair of day wear and 2 pair of sunglasses per order. They're that good. Upload your picture to the Zenni website and you can virtually 'try on' any frame that they sell.

For cycling specific scripts, Oakley is as good as it gets IMO.
It turns out that the "total power" prescription requirement of my left eye is so great that I cannot get an Oakley frame. Oakley can only do lenses to a total power limit of -6.00. I think my left eye needs a total power of -7.25. I'm working with an online vendor to figure out the choices.

Thanks a ton

Oakley do seem to be the frames of choice these day though they can be expensive. I've used cheaper pairs in the past and while I'm sure they're not as good they've done the job.

Can I just ask is there a reason that Oakley only go up to a certain limit?
I was only told that Oakley does not have the technology to create lenses to my specific prescription. I don't know the why. I think my online optician is going with Wiley WX Echo for me, which is my alternate choice. My third choice is Bolle Cervin. I'm definitely okay about this, my major goal is to protect my eyes. I'm sure that in a couple years I can get nice Oakleys or the equivalent from a competitor.

I'm just surprised that Bolle Cervin and Wiley can offer you the lenses you require but Oakley aren't able to that's all. Like I was saying Oakley seem to be the gear that people want the most, and it makes me wonder how many just choose Oakley anyway regardless if they fit their needs or not.
So here I am with my just-arrived, brand new, Wiley X Echo prescription shades.


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Nice! Now, with Winter upon us and the sun going away for 4 months you might want to order a pair with 50% amber or yellow tint for the gray days ahead.
Thanks, CampyBob. I rode about 4 miles in the early evening yesterday and realized that my brown colored lenses are just not going to do for night time riding. I had to switch to my regular distance vision glasses for the ride home. So yes, I can see myself ordering new lenses and/or a frame with lenses. I'm not sure if these lenses can be replaced by unskilled users like me.

I rode 19 miles with these glasses today, half the miles in a steady rain, and they seem okay except when I am stationery. Then they tend to fog up. I probably need to remove the "climate control" thing which is soft material ringing the lenses on the inner side of the glasses. I was able to see just fine, they seem to match my doctor's prescription, but I still have the impression that my normal distance vision glasses are a little better. Maybe it is me.

I agree I'm going to need at least new lenses and maybe a new frame too to cover winter conditions and night time riding.

Thanks a ton



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