Presta Valves

Back from the LBS (if you call 50 mile round trip local :() many pounds lighter but with a track pump, the Lezyne steel floor drive rated 160psi, and what a difference quality makes. :D

The beauty about the Lezyne is the reversible Presta/Shrader connection that screwed on airtight & came off without letting air out of the tyre, and so relaxing pumping the tyre up I felt like letting it down just to enjoy the experience again :D.

Again, thanks to all who gave me advice, it is much appreciated.

ps. pleased no one was watching the 'possessed man'
Good for you, Mak'em. Being able to easily air up your tires will certainly help to start your rides on a positive note! :cool:

I struggled with inferior pumps for several years, because I'm cheap, and I used to dread airing up my tires before my rides.

It should be any easy task for you now.
I use all sorts of airing up devices from a Torelli floor pump (same as the Silca), to full on air compressor, to a small battery powered air compressor, to electric plug into car power port compressor, to of course the hand pumps on the bikes. I use whatever is handy.