Pretoria Traffic wants to ban Cylce Races !!!!!!!!



An alarming tendancy surfaced at a race I took part in over the weekend. At the PPFK Boneshaker Classic over the weekend the announcer repeatedly warned cyclists that they must behave and adhere to traffic rules (as required by the conditions when entering a race) He said that the Tswane Metro Traffic Police (Pretoria) are monitoring the race. My bike broke down during the race and the guy driving the sweep vehicle said that the Mero Traffic are looking for an excuse to ban all road racing in the Tswane area. THIS IS NOT GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! This is apparently due to complaints received by motorists of cyclists behaviour during races, like driving over the middle of the road, not adhering to traffic rules, driving in bunches spread over the whole road etc etc etc. Is another sport going to disappear due to the behaviour of our "fellow sportsmen" We have to take action and report these misbehaviours to the authorities to esnure that these people are banned from the sport. WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS SPORT TO DIE!!!!!!! Talk to your clubs and buddies and spread the warning above. I regard it as serious!!!!!!!

Take action to keep those wheels spinning!!!!!!

Big H
This is sad. I've often seen this in races where the guys absolutely take up the whole road (and not just big races, but smaller ones too). So because some guys are not curteous enough to fellow road users the sport may just die.
Unless there is a rolling road block......we have to follow the road rules, end of story blah blah blah....

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