Prevent Cycling Computer from getting lost



I once lost a computer by unclipping it slightly to break the recording contacts to stop the computer form recording after the race was completed. It simply fell out and got lost.
To prevent this I took a piece of very thin braided nylon (we use it it flyfishing to make a loop at the front end of the flyline) and epoxied this to the side of my Cateye Mity 3. You can use any suitable thin line but the braided stuff just makes such a beautifull loop (the same way as making loops in ski rope by feeding the front end into the hollow portion of the relaxed braid and then pulling on the loop to tighten the braid again.) I use some Pliobond or other glue on this connection jus to make sure it stays secured and then epoxy it to my computer. I also stuck my name, cell no and email address printed very small to the other side of the computer.

Just my two cents worth

Keep those wheels spinning !!!!!!!!

Big H
Nice one, h. I too have a Mity3, and methinks you have a good idea there. ;)
Flyfishing and skiing, bih_h we have alot to talk about. Where do you go skiing ?
Hi Ouzo

I know this might be off topic but yes I do Flyfish and no I do not (water)ski. Yellowfish, Africa's king of gamefish, is my speciality but I do anything with a fly, salt or freshwater. I also tie my own flies.

Hi Vo2

Email me at [email protected] with your address and I will post you a made up loop as I described in my post. You can then just epoxy it with a quick setting epoxy to the side of the computer.

Keep those wheels spinning

Big H
Thats strange. It went throo on my side and did'nt come back?
Anyway, thanks again H! You have new mail!
Hi guys,

Isn't it dangerous to permanently fix the computer to the bike. We did the Hyper to Hyper and had to leave the bikes on the car while attending the price giving. Wouldn't some desperate oke maybe steal the thing. If not, the idea is great ;D as I usually have to take my computer (Sigma BC1400) off and put it in a shirt pocket and then remember about it when I take the shirt off.
Big_H, got the loops today! Whoohoo! 8)
Great stuff! I have to congratulate you on your hand work. Those loops are the work of a master. Awesome!
I'm now getting a Mity3 for the wife's bike too, so both loops have new homes.
We'll difinitely see each other at the Argus! IOU! Thanx a stack. ;)
VO2 Glad you got them. Did my sketch help???? Did the 04,2 today. Came in @ 3h23min very chuffed, my fastest on the tandem yet.

EWEP, you do not fix them permanently. This is a thin nylon string or braided leader we use in flyfishing. The one end is affixed to the side of the computer with epoxy and the other free end has a loop made very much the same way as loops in ski ropes are made. The braid is hollow and the end is fed back into the hollow core to create a loop. The braid is incredibly strong (30kg breaking strenth and very thin) and forms a very neat loop. The computer is put in place by looping it aroung the handlebars to stop it form getting lost if you accidentaly unclip the computer. I do this when I cross the finish line. If you do not do this it affects your overlall time. I would never advocate fixing it permanently or leaving it unattended on the bike. To easy to lose that way.

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big H
Congrats on your time in the 94.2. Way to go!
Yep, the sketch was perfect, thanx big_h. ;)

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