Preventing Acne Spots from cycling clothes?




I've notice that I seem to break out in acne spots...but it is isolated to my back and legs where my shorts are. I have read a bit online that suggests that this is due to trapped sweat when cycling wearing tight fitting clotthes.

Does anyone else get this from their cycling clothes and if so...does anyone have any suggestions?
I think most of us suffer from these every now and then.
The only thing I can suggest is that you get out of your cycling kit asap after a ride and jump into the shower.
Maybe get yourself a good skin cleanser to wash the affected areas with (not normal soap). My wife buys me an Oatmeal bar which I wash my face with (it lasts me about 3 months).
Also wash your kit asap after the ride.
I always try to shower BEFORE I ride too!, to remove any bacteria that may multiply DURING the ride. The above thread is right, you should NEVER wear your riding clothes after the ride, change into fresh clothes and shower as soon as possible. Of course you should always wear clean, fresh riding gear.

Check for allergies to the materials in your riding gear, if you are not used to the fabrics in them.

Ride Clean

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