Price of helmet

Really? You give no information about what you're looking for, and you want us to give you a price for a helmet? Ok, from $15 to $400; the sweet spot is around $100.

While some here will argue they all offer the same CPSC protection thus are all the same, that isn't true at all, some helmets exceed the CPSC protection guidelines, and others barely meet it. The best road helmet that got a 5 star rating by a tougher test than CPSC done by Virginia Tech showed that the Specialized Echelon II got a 5 star rating and was the lowest cost helmet to do so at $90. The Echelon II is a good helmet, I bought one due to the test results, it's comfortable and vents well, the fit system works extremely well, I haven't crashed on it so I can't report if my head got squashed or not.

Look at the test results below and you will see that only a few helmets got the 5 star rating, something to consider instead of just the CPSC label!
Back in the late 70's/early 80's a motorcycle shop had a sign that read:

If you have a $5 head . . .
get a $5 helmet.
As for Froze typical comments - those tests showed that ALL of the helmets exceeded that CPSC standards and the actual difference between those helmets wasn't significant. The difference appears to be the bubble size contained within the polystyrene foam. Specialized helmets may even be made in the same Chinese factory that the other Chinese helmet were made but on Specialized equipment. There are other, perhaps more important things to consider. The Chinese helmets for $15 generally are for people with round heads and if you have a more or less round head they are better and safer than the helmets which are in general designed for people with oval or slightly oblong heads. The better the fit the less likely you are to sustain the minor injuries of a dumb fall like we all do once in awhile. Hell, I got a Chinese helmet after I rode up to my house and couldn't get my foot out of my clipless pedal because one of the screws had come loose and so I fell over. The better fit was almost instantly recognizable and after a long hard ride the lack of discomfort made a lot of difference.

But as I said elsewhere I do recommend the Bontrager (Trek) Q-Cell helmets at last I heard $100. These helmets last so long that you're paying penny's per mile anyway.
Cycling Tom is a special needs person, and all of you are about to discover that, he will argue with all of you while admitting he has permanent brain damage, he will refute the facts as he is already doing here about helmets which he claims he wrote the industry standard white paper on helmets, which he hasn't but he will make all sorts of claims to that effect. He was banned from this forum and somehow manage to beat the ban so I will report him if he gets out of hand again, he even went off on the moderator of this forum which is what got him banned along with all rampages he went on against others here. None of you have to believe me, on forums like this you can look up the forum member and read all of their stuff all the way back to when they first joined the forum, so if you want a comical read look up Cycling Tom's stuff.