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Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Jaeger, Mar 21, 2003.

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    Well here is one that you won't believe. I was contacted by a sponsor that wishes to remain
    nameless. They are willing to give Triathlantic up to $10K for 2003 to support our events and to use
    any way we wish. Say What?? Yeah, I'm still pinching myself. So what we decided to do is to offer
    prize money at some races this year and see what happens.

    Right now we plan to break it down this way.

    It will be top 5 men and top 5 women in each race.

    1 - June 15 Spud Triathlons and Duathlon $3000.00 $1000 for the short triathlon $1000 for the long
    triathlon $1000 for the duathlon

    2- July 27 RiverWatch Triathlon and Duathlon $2000.00 $1000 for the triathlon $1000 for the duathlon

    The other $5000 will be reserved for a Mountain Bike Duathlon, another duathlon, and possibly a new
    off road triathlon that we are planning for October (cold swim). We will let you know when the shock
    wears off.

    You can check out the races at

    For all you skeptics - yes it seems like a come-on, yes the timing is kind of suspect and yes this
    all just happened in the past two weeks and yes there might have been other ways to spend it (I need
    a new truck), but we have had so many requests to do PM, we thought it would be a interesting to try
    and hope that the sponsor likes what happens and will continue next year.