Pro roadie power profile?


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Sep 7, 2005
What kind of profiles do these small top pros have? Guys that excel in hilly one day races. Kolobnev, Joaquim Rodriguez, Freire, Gilbert?

Are they pursuiter profile persons w/ decent sprint and tt-ability, but huge 5 to 1 minute range?

If Freire is pure sprinter type I wonder still he must have huge 5 minute level as he had many times got up front without strong team work and still blew that bank.

Purito and Gilbert? PG is quite stong build..Purito is sooo small and still he took two runner up placings in spring classics these weeks?

An old Guy

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Feb 12, 2011
Some web page has the power output for 40K TTs. A mid to low level (???) pro on a road bike put out 400+w for 50+ minutes.

The big difference between pros and non-pros is that pros do it a lot longer. And they do it day after day.