Pro Teams Boycott!


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Jan 29, 2003
Giro boycott on the cards by Bob Aldridge

Posted on Monday, March 03, 2003 - 06:39

Three top teams might withdraw from the Giro in protest, should the South African Cycling Federation fine Barloworld and HSBC for a minor infringement.
The SACF is expected to slap a fine on the teams for allowing their riders to compete at both the Germiston race and in the Pietermaritzburg Belgotex Classic.

“If the SACF insist on fining us and HSBC, I am prepared to pull Barloworld and Minolta out of the Giro and I know that Martin Sanders at HSBC feels the same way,” commented John Robertson, the sponsor broker behind Barloworld and Minolta’s professional cycling commitments.

“The sport is being run amateurishly and this can’t be allowed to continue if we want to compete at a professional level here and internationally.

“I will be meeting with Martin this week to discuss the situation and we look forward to hearing what the SACF decides; all we’ve tried to do is support two events and the SACF’s reaction just isn’t on,” Robertson added.

SACF - IMHO need I say more.

Pro Teams - Well done for standing up!!
Pro teams boycotting the Giro spells disaster and won't reflect well on SA cycling. Questions must be asked.
Originally posted by Vo2
Pro teams boycotting the Giro spells disaster and won't reflect well on SA cycling. Questions must be asked.

I agree Vo2 but when it comes down to race organisers and the SACF not willing to share the pro-teams what else are they suppose to do. As much as we would like to dispute it, pro-teams do attract more cyclists to a specific event and I feel that if the pro-teams are commited to splitting their teams in two and sending them to 2 different events, the better for cycling. More people attending a race means that the race can be a success and continue for years to come. It's not a nice way to do things but yeah, sometimes you need to get dirty..My only wish is that we as recreational cyclists (who make up the bigger part of the race) can also stand up to the injustice being done to us.

PS: The Germiston Century paid big bucks to the Belgotex race organisers to have guys from HSBC there.

Luckilly, the matter was sorted out and all the teams are attending to the Giro. D Lill even won the first stage, and he is from one of the teams that might have boycotted the race.

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