Problem with PT HRM - Suggestions.


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Dec 23, 2006
Anyone know any secrets to getting my PT headunit (2.4 wired) to read my 2.4 heartrate strap? Batteries are fresh in both units. Conductivity is sufficient at hrm/skin contact point. Any other options for me, or is my head unit/HRM strap malfunctioning?
did you try holding down both buttons until the word "find" shows up on the display? this is the mode in which the computer discovers the rear hub and heart rate straps.
^^Yeah, I've done that with no success. Thanks for the suggestion. Guess I'll have to get Saris involved now.
Yeah, some people disregard it totally - not I. It's an interesting metric to keep track of over time and various efforts. Most of the time, it verifies what I already know about my body and condition at a particular moment.