Problem with SPD-SL pedals and SIDI Energy shoes


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Apr 23, 2003
Just bought myself a pair of SIDI Energy 4's. Using with my DuraAce SPD-SL pedals and there's a problem ! When clipped in the shoes have a siginificant (+/- 10deg) tilting movement . I'll be careful to distinguish this from the normal horizontal 'float'. ie. the shoe can lift up on both the outside and the inside and therefore is very loose. No amount of tightening the pedal spring release is going to make any difference since it's not the release tension or the ease of 'float' that's the problem.

My old shoes are the Shimano R-212 (3 strap carbon sole jobbies) and there's no such tilting movement with these. Very firmly locked into the pedal.

It appears that it maybe the shape of the sole that's causing this. The shimano is a much wider sole and I believe has a more curved last than the relatively flat SIDI. Consequently the SPD-SL cleat is distorted in such a way that creates a firm engangement with the shimano shoe as opposed to the SIDI shoe.

The predecessors to the SPD-SL's the SPD-SR's (which I used), had an adjustment of the plate on which the cleat rested. It's almost like my SPD-SL'd need the same thing to stop this 'tilting' movement but of course they don't have it !

Anyone else seen this or heard of it and can suggest a way forward (apart from changing pedal systems, reverting back to Shimano shoes etc.)

I recently purchased exactly the same pedal/shoe setup and didn't experience this sorry - cleat engagement was firm with no 'tilting'. I've since reverted to my SPD-R/Carnac setup because I couldn't get on with the fit of the Sidi's.