Problems with erection (bicykle related?)


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Sep 23, 2012
Hello everybody!

Just want to hear what you guys think about my situation. Maybe some of you have been in the same one.
Im a 25 year old guy.

This summer I made a long trip on my bike. It was between may and august. It really was a wonderfull trip and I really enjoyed it!
Anyways, that does not matter. Before I started this journey I made a shorter one just to see that everything was OK. During this short trip I got numbness in my groin area that lasted about 2 days. I re-adjusted the seat and so, of course.

Then when I started my long journey I dident experience any numbness that I can think of.

Now I am back home and I tried have sex a couple of times. During these occasions my penis havent been fully erect.
I did experience this once before my bicykle journey with one of the girls. Now I have the problem with both.

I visited a doctor and got Cialis (its like Viagra). I took one pill (10 mg) and tried have sex again with one of the girls. Dident achieve any better erection.

After this you really start to wonder and start to read on the internet. I read some articles about bicyklists getting erection problem after bicykling. Any one have experience of this?

Next time I meet this girl I will take 20 or 30 gram Cialis and see what happends. If I then dont get any erection I guess I can suspect something happend during my bicykle trip.
Last time I remember having a morning erection (nothing that I try to remember...but) was sometime during my bicykle trip.

Can my penis have taken permanent damage from bicykling? As I said I only experienced numbness once, and after that I re-adjusted my seat.

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Aug 18, 2004
Try with both at the same time. If that doesn't work, wearing lycra may have turned you gay.


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Jun 10, 2004
qdc15 said:
Try with both at the same time.
By this, I think qdc15 means to watch and video the two girls together for a couple of hours, then jump in and see how John Thomas responds.


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Apr 12, 2011
Originally Posted by qdc15 .

If that doesn't work, wearing lycra may have turned you gay.

But in all seriousness to the op, I've been experiencing numbness in that area to some degree with various saddles over the past three decades. With no deprecation in performance I stopped worrying about it. That was 1993. The numbness still happens occasionally especially on longer rides if I don't shift around much but I'm still capable of off the charts durometer readings. I'm no doctor, but my 2 cents is that it's something else. You've gone numb once, I've gone numb what seems like hundreds of times. Very often these problems are in our heads, the thinking ones. Doesn't make them any less of an issue... they still need resolution.

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
I don't think it's bike related.
Heck in the late 50s my ride partners and I have all been cycling 25+years. My Wife dresses down at times for the 100 degree heat here in California.

Couple of male ride partners have gotten a few sneak peek of her tits and her big bubble butt bouncing on her saddle as they draft her.

Couple have gotten pretty excited and expressed their interest in a threesome. She's shy but one guy was doing his best to capture her interest. He once came up to me saying he loved her tits. I said tell her not me. She knew he was wanting to do her

So he tells her that he thinks she's sexy in her low cut top. She's flattered. One day she opted to wear something else but I wanted her to show her tits again so I told her she ought to wear the sexy top again knowing our buddy liked looking at them.

So at during a break at a restroom she sits on a bench. He takes a leak, comes back out with a huge hard on poking through his worn relaxed spandex shorts. He had mentioned having a thick 8 inch rod that she would enjoy.

He walks up with his big bulge at eye level then starts a conversation with her. His thick outline about 5 feet from her face.

She looked at it looked away 5 seconds later. I thought it was over but she looked back again for another 10 seconds before looking away a second time. He talking but she has no idea what he's saying, just trying to look away but can't.

I see her look away a third time but for only a few seconds. Then she looked back a forth time.

She says she never looks but she couldn't take her eyes off his thick rod. There were other cyclists around being a popular break stop. So he's standing there in front of her with a massive hard on and she can't help but look. I almost think had we been alone at that park no other cyclists she had this look on her face like she just might have started sucking his hard ****.

It went on for a while hom struggling to chat about something as she admired his big hard **** so being in his late 50s cycling for 25+ years, his **** was rock hard for quite a while as she admired it.

So I don't think it's the cycling that's affecting you. I suggest you seek medical attention.


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Dec 7, 2022
Cycling did the opposite for me. I did come across articles saying that cycling may affect "performance" of males.

The saddle I use have relatively flat top with cutout and my pedaling style unloads my butt on the saddle. I'm a masher and NEVER pull up on the pedals. Pulling could impose your full weight on the saddle and I can only guess it's not the best situation to be in. Many guys don't seem to have a problem with it but better be sure.

I'm only one of the few guys in the group who can do a century in the mountains without stopping (I didn't feel like peeing one time so I went all the way through without stopping). So probably nailed my bike fit and saddle choice really well.

My 0.2 to have proper erection when having sex, make sure you do it with someone who actually looks like a woman!;)