Problems with triple chainring front derailleur (Ultegra)


Bob in CT

I adjusted the front Ultegra derailleur on my Lemond bike by using the

(I even have a fourth hand tool!) The derailleur does not appear to be
shifting far enough over toward the large chainring. In the small
chainring, I have to push twice sometimes to get the derailleur to shift
to the middle chainring. In the middle chainring, I can use the large
cogs on the rear cassette with no problem, but the chain begins to rub on
the small cogs. When I'm in the large chainring, I have rubbing on
basically all gears but definitely the small cogs of the cassette.

To me, it looks that if the derailleur would move farther out (toward the
large chainring) by about 1/8 inch, all my problems would be solved.
However, the barrel adjuster appears to be broken -- even after I've taken
it apart and regreased it, it's incredibly hard to move once put back
together. So, it's of no use. I also made sure that there was almost no
slack in the cable when the derailleur is in the small chainring (I used
the fourth hand tool to take out the slack).

Is this a simple matter of perhaps creating even less or no slack in the
cable when the derailleur is in the small chainring? Or could the shifter
be somehow broken? Or do I need to get a new front barrel adjuster? Or is
there something else I should be looking at?