Problems with wahoo elemnt bolt


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May 17, 2019
I have a wahoo elemnt bolt and an Infocrank power meter. Don't know if anyone else out there has this combination?

The issue I am having is that the bolt doesn't update the power reading to 0 when I stop pedalling. It will keep a reading in the power that could be any number as it lowers while I come to a stop. The display never shows 0.

I know the issue is with the Bolt as I can connect different devices and the reading is correct as it stops. The display is 0 as it should be, just not on the bolt!

Has anyone had any similar issues?

Thinking I may have to sell it if it's not compatible and go back to Garmin, which will be a shame...
You have to do a calibration once your power meter is set up. I presume the reason is to avoid exactly the issue you are having.

It is very simple to do although I can't exactly remember how. Check the web for instructions and also check the instructions for your power meter.
Thanks for the reply, the calibration has been done many times. I contacted wahoo and they have admitted it is a bug with them. Think I'm going to sell it and try the new Garmin 530 or 830.