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Nov 28, 2016
Hi guys, first post here.

I'm looking to launch a product onto the market, and I'm trying to grasp whether it will generate sufficient demand. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

The product is a rear view camera which will attach to the back of the seat, which will link to a screen attached to your handlebars. The camera will have a wide lens in order to obtain a wide view of your behind and feed directly to the screen in front of you, and of course record the footage should you need it at a later date.

The objective here is to prevent loss of balance or swerving when looking behind. It will also allow you to take a longer / more regular looks to better grasp what's behind you. It will also allow people who are unable to easily look behind due to medical issues ride safely. Finally, it will be at optimal height for catching important details, such as number plates if you are involved in an accident with a car which has passed you at any point.

I know that there are similar products out there, e.g. rear view mirrors, rear view head cams, even a digital screen but, as far as I have been able to tell, there is nothing which combines these features.

My main queries are as follows:

Would you buy the product detailed above?

How much would you pay?

From which feature is the value derived?

Is quality, i.e. camera display, more important than price? If so, to what extent?

What do you think this product is better suited for, e.g. racing, commuting or exercise?

What do you cycle for, e.g. racing, commuting or exercise?

Do you think that this is better suited for rural or urban areas?

Have you used, either previously or currently a rear view bike mirror?

Have you used, either previously or currently a rear view camera?

If yes to either of the above, would you still consider their use necessary if you owned this product?

If yes to either of the above, how often do you replace them, or upgraded to a new model? What was the reason for this change?

Would you use this for day time or night time riding?

If you don't mind sharing, could you please also state your age, gender and where you cycle?

Thank you all very much for taking the time to read up to here, any replies will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or would like to chat about the above, I would welcome anybody to send me a message.

Kind Regards.
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Sheldon - GoPro is charging more than $100 for combination rear taillight and camera. Maybe more since its changing all the time. I don't think that a rear view camera would be very useful but recordings of people passing too close or hit and runs is what is keeping GoPro in business.

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