Proform And Ifit Rant

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by jhuskey, Nov 6, 2015.

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    I bought a Proform TDF trainer several years ago and have had little issue with it until lately. I used the IFIT site to draw maps for several years and it worked well until this last month. I can only download one route that is a crap route only six mile long. The bike comes with some pre-loaded routes 9-11 mile long and can be ridden manually but I can't download routes that I drew and have used for years.
    The bottom line is that they want me to upgrade now and want money. Can I afford it, yes but it is the old bait and switch.
    IFIT is not a good site either way and I would not recommend IFIT for use with hardware. The trainer is a good piece of equipment and works well for me but IFIT sucks. I may explore hacking the console and reprogram it. I am the end user so they can eat my shorts as far as any legal issues involved in doing this.


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    1,037 ARE pissed. Because I didn't understand much of that rant.

    So...let's recap.

    1. Dude spends huge dollars on luxo trainer.
    2. Chinese crap inside trainer takes a shit.
    3. Whatever IFIT it gave him a fit.
    4. Something...something...hardware-software conflict.
    5. Layer dude is going for blood Perry Mason style! Lookout!

    So...are you shopping for a new rig from TACX or going with some new power meter/STRAVA based thing?

    Wait! Wut?

    You're a hours so you can ride during daylight. You're in Tennessee...there is no such thing as Winter in Tennessee!