Programming a MAP test


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Dec 1, 2012
I want to to try a MAP test on the CT. Did a lot of reading, mainly on Alex's site and I'm a bit unclear about something. The protocol
I want to use is the one he describes where there is a 25w increase every 3 minutes. It occurred to me that when you are stretched
thin at the end of this torture, that a 25w increase all of a sudden could influence where you reach exhaustion and so I also designed
a program that moves up steadily at the rate of 25w every 3 minutes. Does it matter?
FWIW, my VO2MAX CT protocol starts at 150W and increases by 5W every 12 seconds, or 25W per minute. I can't remember why I set it up that way, but I did a lot of reading before deciding on that protocol. I probably looked at Ric Stern's MAP protocol for an idea. I think the best protocol depends in part on where you expect the rider will max out. I have a test writeup and ERG file if you want.
The protocol is a linear increase in power of 25W per minute (not 3 minutes) for non elite male riders.

On a CT you can just create a simple erg file to generate a straight line increase in load. It doesn't step up the load by X watts every Y seconds, rather it just gradually increases the load for you, using a constant slope of 25W/min.
Thanks Alex. I went back and looked at your site and realized the mistake concerning 3 vs. 1 min.
I programmed the test in a straight line like you describe.
I have decided that I hate tests. No matter how well I prepare, no matter how psyched I get, the results are dismal.
I did the MAP test after a 25 min. warmup, felt pretty good but when it started to get tough I just had nothing. Couldn't even get my HR up to within 15 of max. I figured my FTP based on the test (72%) and it was 10w lower than I've been stuck at since last May. So I waited 10 minutes, got back on the CT and knocked out 40 minutes 2w below FTP and wasn't even close to puking. Go figure. I'll try again next month and see what happens. Aggravating as hell though

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