proper pedal/crank size for big cyclist


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Jun 12, 2010
Hi. I posted this under Clydesdales, but figured I'd try here, too.
I weigh about 260 and I've commuted to work on a bike on and off over the past 10 years. My weight's been between 220 and 260 over that period, the lower end when I ride. So here's my problem. I purchased a Power King cruiser about a month ago and have been riding to work every day after a LONG hiatus. Feels great to get back on a bike. But I was pulling a hill in high gear yesterday and the pedal snapped off on me. This is the second time I've snapped a bike pedal. I got the old power king because I was worried about riding my old bike, a cheap Sears Crestwood, because I snapped a pedal off of that and took a pretty bad fall when I was quite a bit lighter. I replaced that pedal and continued riding, but was nervous about getting back on that bike afte packing on some pounds. So here'smy question: what's a good pedal o crank arm size for big cyclist. I've seen only 1/2 inch or 9/16. Or is there a stronger material I should look for that mkes the size irrelevant. I might just buy a new bike, bt I'm even worrried about that. I can't seem to find any kind of guide for weight/pedal size or material. I'm not worried about the weight of the pedal. I just want something strong that won't snap on me. I pack lunch, change of clothes and a laptop on my bike each day, so extra weight is not a concern. Appreciate any help here.
I'm not immediately familiar with either bike that you have ...

If either bike has an ENGLISH threaded bottom bracket, then you can change the crankset to almost any crankset + any type of pedals.

If the bikes have AMERICAN bottom brackets, then you should direct your eyeballs to and replace the crank with a BMX crank + BMX pedals.

An American BB shell must be about 2.5" in diameter & an English BB shell is about 1.75" in diameter.

The length of the crank should be proportioned, to some extent, to the rider ... someone came up with a ratio which I find to be highly suspect. A taller rider can usually choose a crank with longer arms.

How tall are you?

BTW. 1/2" pedals are for American crankarms ...

9/16" pedals are for almost all others (not counting obsolete cranksets -- e.g., French threaded cranks/pedals).
260 isn't all that big when it comes to the durability of equipment. Pedals and wheels (that includes tires) should be your only issues.

Most pedals that the manufacturers put on bikes are pretty flimsy. If, when breaking your pedal, you didn't strip the threads on the crank, ask your local shop to check your threads and help you make a selection. They may need to order you something. MKS and Wellgo are two companies that put out consistently good pedals at reasonable prices. Avoid pedals with titanium spindles :) and good luck with your fitness regimen.

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