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Sep 20, 2009
in 20+ years of reading magazines, watching videos, watching races on tv, i only 1 time heard of what pros do for training, and the one time i read was in a cycle sport magazine a few years back . palo bettini said he does 30 second intervals with a 30 second ez spin between. and this article didnt even say how many, how fast, gearing, power output , what time of the year he did these etc..etc. i know they race alot, but anyone know how these guys train before they start racing? when you read books by a former pro, and ric stern, they tell you to do 20 minute intervals and 4 minute intervals, but i bet they are directiing this info for us workers that like to ride and race, not a pro that only race.. anyone know what these guys do for training in their off season buildup, closer to the season starting, and during the season?? some of the commentating watching live races, they say so and so isnt quite fit enough, he will be super fit in a month.. well, whats he doing for training? other than racing, i have never heard of what pros do on a weekly traing plan..i think i heard mario cioppolini motor paced, but what time of year? how far? how fast? never hear anything on a pros detailed training plans. i seen on youtube a rider training, but its a weekend warrior. not a pro training....


Oct 11, 2014
Strava has quite a few protour guys on there. Laurens Ten Dam and Niki Terpstra are notables, one of the King brothers, too. Not sure they post every workout, but they do put up a lot of rides so it'll give you at least an idea.

Generally, though, it's not all that different from training plans solid amateurs would do. Maybe a bit longer and perhaps with a bit more variation in intensities, but the components are essentially the same. It's their baseline abilities and tremendous response to training that differs so much from everyone else.


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Oct 14, 2014
Hello Leanman

I was in the same boat as you.

I have done some research and found out a few very good riders training methods and philosophy.
The telekom team back in the days used to do a lot of miles at 36km per hour. On their training camps they would do 200-280km every day. They would ride with gearings 42/16 on the flats, and in the mountains they would ride with 53/12 on 9-10% grades!

I know this because I have been reading books from Brian Holm, who has been riding for team telekom back in the days. He mention that Riders like Erik Zabel would do 50.000km a year no intervals or any scientific training just riding. (this is actually the same way Cavendish is training now, no SRM power meter or Heart rate monitor, just going at a medium hard pace)

I ride with an older guy in my club he became world champion in 100km team time trial back in the day. His training was:
Monday 2-3 hours easy, Tuesday; 150km Hard Group; Wednesday; 150km Hard group; Thursday 150km Hard group; Friday 2-3 hours easy
Race Saturday and sunday

You see this is old school training, without any scientific stuff.. And it worked for these guys, and this is also the way I like to train no heart rate monitor or other stuff just hard training and rest. of course less miles than what they did.

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