Protecting my Seat!


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Jun 17, 2010
This thread has gone from protecting your seat to protecting your ass.


Sep 17, 2010
Originally Posted by Altitude Adjust .

Hey SvenDH I am right there with you. I spent the weekend at OuterBike in Moab, Utah. It poured down rain all night Friday. If I didn't have my 'saddle armor' on my bike seat I would have had a cold wet ride Saturday morning when I climbed on my bike to ride Slick Rock. Best investment I ever made for my bike and at less than $20.00 bucks. I too spent way too much money and too much time breaking in my Terry saddle to have to replace it anytime soon. It may not be a $300.00 seat but the $150.00 I spent was enough for me.
Hi Altitude Adjust, I suppose if you use a leather saddle/seat or any seat with material affected by sun and rain then something that is easy to use, strong, durable, and doesn't flap around in the wind behind the car, is handy. You will have to bear in mind that a dark plastic bag that costs a few cents and a reusable wire tie will certainly do the job (as discussed).

Perhaps $15 maybe be a little high but I guess it costs bit less than $10 for a pair of Look Keo Cleat covers. Although I would suspect that walking on your cleats would be far more arduous for them then a bit of rain and sun on your saddle. I do not need it myself because my saddles have been designed to be ok with these conditions, and my bike gets stored in a cool, dry place after a ride.

Nonetheless, thanks for letting us know about your seat covers and I hope they sell well for SvenH :)

PS: A diversion ... it's funny what people like to buy. There is a craze here at the moment where people are buying stick-on figures of stick people, which is suppose to represent their family and pets, that they stick onto their vehicles rear window for everybody behind them to see! The interesting part is that these stick-ons are not 20cents or even 50cents each, but $2 to $5 each, and they seem to be happy to pay that amount of money for something I would consider a little frivolous but for me this is also private information.

I guess everybody strives to achieve a degree of significance in their lives in different ways ... lets hope that they always strive to achieve a degree of significance by doing good, although I am not sure stick-on figures of stick people to represent family significance is good or bad, although it is not harmful accept maybe a little to the environment. Ahhh, I just had a significant moment ... just kidding ... but thanks for reading this you have just made your life a little more significant ... just kidding and have fun :)


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Oct 15, 2011
I use 2 contractor bags to cover my entire bike when it's parked outside of my house. Stays on except when very windy (which is when I need it the most) but it does keep the sun, rain, and dust off.