Protein and training mesocycles


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Jul 3, 2004
I found an interesting article on training and diet, it seems like the author feels that you should periodize your portein intake. Meaning that if you are bumping up your training load or going on a diet (increases stress on the body) that more of your total calories should come from protein (this is not one of those carbs are evil diets). I found it interesting and thought I would share.

".......Let's look at total daily intakes, I'm a fan of a "standard" diet of 3000kcal (as far as doing comparative research), comprised of 25% PRO, 50% CHO, 25% FAT. That computes to about 185g protein, 375g carbs, and 85g fat. Unfortunately for those wanting a simple life, this profile changes based upon training mesocycles. Hence, the typical request of "gimme your macronutrient recommendation" is too simplistic. So, here are some key points:

1. Just starting a new lifting regime? Always sore? Cut back on "standard" carbs 10%. Replace the kcal with a mix of protein and monounsaturated fat. (omega-3 fats are not consumable in amounts that really impact kcal intake)

2. Are you starting a "diet" phase by cutting back 300-500kcal (of mostly carbs) per day? Add 10% to your protein intake. (2500 kcal x 35% PRO = 215g PRO)

3. Enduring the late phases of a "diet" while still training? Try supplementing 5g Gln prior to cardio and lifting. (Beware, you gluten allergics.) Assess efficacy after 3 months.

4. Are you about to try a bulking phase (wanting to add mass) or a dieting phase (wanting to preserve lean tissue)? Try spiking pre/mid/post workout shakes with say, 3-5g leucine. For dieters, supplementing on alternate days with number 3 above (Gln) would be a decent approach.

5. Lifting with fairly recent injuries? Add 10% to overall kcal intake in the form of protein and monounsaturated fats. Consider also supplementing 5g Gln 1-3 times daily for potential collagen repair.

6. Feeling overtrained with sleep disturbances? Try a evening scoop of protein containing alpha-lactalbumin.(16)"

excerpt from:;jsessionid=EEAC187B8DB7839389526D7A74616E8E.hydra?id=844243


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