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  1. Protein linked to future heart disease risk in obese kids

    The Tribune Wednesday, March 10, 2004

    Washington - Researchers have found that levels of a fat
    protein, called adiponectin, which is linked to heart
    disease in adults, is significantly lower in overweight
    children and young adults.

    Adiponectin was an important discriminator between obese and
    normal-weight children, said Sandra G. Hassink, assistant
    professor of pediatrics at Thomas Jefferson University in
    Philadelphia, who presented the study.

    ''Factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure, triglyceride
    levels and measures of insulin sensitivity were not
    meaningful in differentiating between these two groups,''
    she said. But the study showed that adiponectin may be part
    of a ''footprint'' for heart disease risk in children.

    ''While obesity is a known risk factor for heart disease and
    diabetes, we don't know what factors determine which obese
    people are at greatest risk. The evidence is beginning to
    point to adiponectin as a key player in determining true
    risk,'' said Hassink, who is also director of the Pediatric
    Weight Management Program at
    A.I. Dupont Hospital in Wilmington, Del. Adiponectin adheres
    to blood vessel walls, possibly protecting them by
    fighting inflammation at a cellular level. -- ANI

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