I have never really been a big fan of the shakes and the drinks, and for whatever reason I like getting my protein from foods. I am all about the nuts and seeds and I try to sneak them into as many meals and food items as I can. I recently started adding sunflower seeds to salads and it is a great way to sneak some protein in.
I drink shakes because I was a gym rat in my former life and they are just part of my routine now. Love the taste and they're filling. Truth is however, from a pure cycling perspective, you really don't need that much protein. A regular diet will provide all the protein you need, especially if your main meals contain a protein source such as chicken or fish.
I don't see a reason for a cyclist to consume supplements instead of just the regular protein intakes you get from eating meat,beans etc. Like swampy1970 said. Get enough calories ad eat good. Now if you want to build raw muscle, then yeah, supplements can help.
I used to take creatine until I realized that it gave me massive cramps. That wasn't a problem when I was more focused on weight training, as I could stay hydrated a lot easier then. But when I began to focus more on cycling and running, the water shunting into the cells was just too much. But it definitely works, for strength increases at least. In fact, the improvements are almost immediate, if anyone out there is thinking of trying it.
I would always recommend you some natural protein sources like milk, eggs, etc. I don't take supplements as I believe they are the source of artificial protein. Natural protein sources are the best.
I would always recommend you some natural protein sources like milk, eggs, etc. I don't take supplements as I believe they are the source of artificial protein. Natural protein sources are the best.

Gibberish. Why? Explain this arbitrary distinction please. You are probably right, but do you actually know why, or are you part of that "natural is best" crowd that doesn't actually understand what they are talking about?
I'd very much eat protein bars instead of protein drinks and such. There are some like body fortress which tastes disgusting in my sense, but there is this one brand I forget the name of it but they actually had a pretty good taste for the amount of 50 grams of protein which is pretty amazing! I'd rather have colossal protein bars though since they taste better. My favorite one is the chocolate chip cookie dough one!!
I agree with you. I love the protein bars. They are definitely better than protein drinks. Everyone should try it.
I hate protein BARS, last time j had one j almost threw up but I was a bit younger.

I love protein shakes though, I got some banana protein powder and it's bloody lovely.

Never heard someone say they don't like the taste of protein shakes.
I used to eat protein bars back in high school when I played football. The only supplements I take now are vitamins. For cycling, I don't see much of a benefit of taking protein supplements.
I sometimes drink protein shakes after gym workout or after cycling. I don't drink it before workout or during workout because protein shakes are meant to replenish burnt energies and proteins after an intense physical activity so if I drink it before a physical activity it would only be converted into fats and will result to weight gain.
I don't really drink protein shakes that much mainly because I don't think I really need the extra protein as I'm getting enough just with my meals, and I'm not really looking to achieve bodybuilding type of muscles.
If you don't like the taste, then man up, because protein shake are not supposed to be a culinary dessert.

I find it odd that you'd have to mention that, because I actually never hated the taste of protein shakes.

When I was deep into strength training, I used to buy huge amounts of chocolate flavored Optimum Nutrition whey protein powder. Sure it kind of tasted cruddy with just water, but mixing it with whole milk, bananas and peanut butter was not only super healthy and packed to the brim with protein, but it was really delicious too.

I loved protein shakes, but I found that after I quit my intensive strength training routine, I haven't really had the need for protein shakes. Now I just get most of my protein from my regular diet.
Yeah, sometimes, Specially right now, it's summer time here in our country, but honestly, I'm drinking protein shakes just for refreshment, and not to get any healthy benefits, but if ever, well, good for me.

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