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    Paris-Nice has already started, but with Tirreno-Adriatico tomorrow, I figured
    I'd re-post my contest description for my Pro-Tour "pick 'em" contest.
    The scoring system discards the 3 lowest values, so losing P-T isn't too
    big a deal.

    This is a contest I ran last year for picking winners of World Cup races.
    It's a continuation of one run by Frank Kurzawa from Austin, and of my
    club from when I lived there, Violet Crown. I picked it up after he
    "retired" from running it. Jeff Galloway won it last year. Anyone here
    intererested is welcomed to participate.
    Results from last year:

    Cut to the chase:

    First, if you haven't done so, subscribe to the "mp3 mailing list" (if you received this
    via the list, you obviously already have!)
    <mailto:[email protected]_j_c_o_n_n_e_l.c_o_m?subject=subscribe>
    Edit "_" from the address.
    Put "subscribe mp3list" in the message body.

    Paris Nice:
    Send picks for final GC in Paris-Nice to [email protected]_j_c_o_n_n_e_l.c_o_m
    (remove underscores)
    before the start of the race on Wednesday. Put "Tirreno-Adriatico" in
    the subject or in the body preceding the picks. Picks should be 1 per line, with
    "1", "2", or "3" for first, second, or third pick, followed by the name of the rider.
    Spelling counts, but I'll do my best to catch obvious errors.
    For names of riders, start lists are available at

    1. Charles Dionne
    2. Ted Huang
    3. Christine Thorburn

    Send those entries to [email protected] ....

    You can also send entries for more than one race at once. For example, in
    the body:

    1. Charles Dionne
    2. Ted Huang
    3. Christine Thorburn

    Milan-San Remo
    1. Nicholas Roche
    2. Nicolas Jalabert
    3. Nicolas Portal

    MP3 contest description

    This year, with the demise of the infamous World Cup, the MP3 has moved on.
    The new game in town is the Pro Tour, and it's an improvement.
    Weekend and mid-week classics, Worlds, week-long stage races, and, finally,
    the Grand Tours, all thrown together in a tasty stew. (or is it salad...
    whatever). More events. More picks. More fun.

    Points: Each event, pick 3 riders, in order, 1, 2, 3. Points are weighted (3,2,1)
    times the points scored by that rider. No points for stage wins in stage races -- only
    GC. Each player gets to toss his 3 low-scoring weeks, to take the pressure off
    getting picks in for EVERY race.

    Trifecta bonus:
    Pick the podium, in order, and score double points.... Nobody ever did this last year,
    but who knows?

    ProTour points:

    The schedule (from CyclingNews calendar, subject to revision):
    6 - 13 Paris-Nice (C)
    9 - 15 Tirreno-Adriatico (C)
    19 Milan-Sanremo (C)
    3 Flanders (C)
    4 - 8 Tour of the Basque Country (C)
    6 Gent-Wevelgem (D)
    10 Paris-Roubaix (C)
    17 Amstel Gold (D)
    20 Fleche Wallonne (D)
    24 Liege-Bastogne-Liege (C)
    26 - 1 Tour de Romandie (C)
    7 - 29 Tour of Italy (B)
    16 - 22 Tour of Catalonia (C?)
    5 - 12 Dauphine Libere (C)
    11 - 19 Tour de Suisse (C)
    19 TTT (D?)
    2 - 24 Tour de France (A)
    31 HEW Classics (D)
    3 - 10 Benelux Tour (C)
    13 San Sebastian Classic (D)
    15 - 23 Tour of Germany (C)
    27 - 18 Tour of Spain (B)
    28 GP Plouay (D)
    12 - 18 Tour of Poland (C)
    2 GP Zurich (D)
    9 Paris-Tours (D)
    15 Tour of Lombardi (C)
    (the World Championship may also be on the schedule)

    The perl scoring code has not yet been written, so the exact point scoring system is subject
    to slight revision, depending on the number of bugs....