Prove KDOT wrong. Please.

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  1. Please post your opinion at

    Brent Hugh <[email protected]>
    [Please forward this widely through 9 March 2006]

    St. Louis folks--this is a little out of your usual area, but believe
    me it will have an impact on you, so two minutes spent supporting your
    fellow cyclists on the other side of the state will be well repaid:

    KDOT thinks bicyclists and pedestrians don't exist, are few in number,
    and are not too important.

    Care to prove them wrong?

    Spend two minutes registering your opinion with KDOT here:

    What!? I live in Missouri. Why should I bother writing the Kansas

    Well, the reason is, KDOT is right now in the process of ruining a good
    thing for BOTH SIDES of the state line. This impacts the states of
    Kansas and Missouri.

    So far they have received about 50 comments asking them to support
    bicycle & pedestrian accessible bridges.

    That is just a little tickle to these guys.

    To make an impact, it's got to be more like 500. Or better yet, 5000.

    Surely there must be 500 good walkers, runners, and bicyclists in the
    great states of Missouri and Kansas combined!

    What!? I don't live in the Kansas City area.

    This policy is going to impact you wherever you live in Kansas OR

    Especially if KDOT wins.

    The impact will not be good.

    So please, take two minutes:

    After you are done, get your friends, relatives, neighbors, and
    children to take two minutes.

    Yes, it is that important.

    If you want to walk, run, or bicycle safely in Kansas or Missouri.


    If you prefer to do it the old fashioned way you can email the three
    individuals below and ask them to "Please support bicycle and
    pedestrian access across river bridges."

    Debra L. Miller
    Kansas Secretary of Transportation, leader of KDOT
    [email protected]

    Jerry Younger
    District Engineer
    KDOT District One (Kansas City area)
    [email protected]

    Paul Ahlenius
    KDOT Bike & Pedestrian Coordinator
    [email protected]


    Dr. Brent Hugh, LCI #1335 [email protected]
    Executive Director --- Missouri Bicycle Federation 816-695-6736