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  1. Per Löwdin

    Per Löwdin Guest

    > When we get really beat up of technical singletrack we take out our road
    racing bikes and do 100 fast kilometres on road. Nice change and a different kind of fun.

    Dennis >> Isn't that kind of like having great sex and then going off in a corner to masterbate to
    celebrate it :)

    >> Sorry road cycling just doesn't do it for me, just seems like all work
    and little/ no payoff.

    Of course it is all in your mind. I find riding a road race bike great fun. To travel in 25 mphr a
    sunny day with a nice tail wind is as close to flying by one´s own force one ever gets. Besides the
    trails we ride are so technical that if you go fast you get so badly beat up that you have to take a
    brake from it every now then to recuperate.

    To keep the speed up with drafting is team work and great fun. On the other hand I find MTB more
    fun. Still I think your metaphor rests on a kind of either- or assumption. As I see it road bikes
    are a nice supplement. One kind of cycling does not necessarily exclude the other. In fact to become
    a really good mountainbiker you have to do a lot of training on road. Almost all who are on the
    elite racing level spend more time on roadbikes than on MTBs.

    To return to your metaphor, with full respect, it seems to me that never trying a road bike is like
    never trying anything new in bed. A bit prudish


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.