Psychiatry: the worst delusion of all...

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Psychiatry is the worst delusion of all, and the drug Olanzapine
doesn't work either. Who would have guessed? :)

The Eighth Circuit recognized that "we cannot say with 100% certainty whether Sell will regain
competency with this treatment."
Dr. Wolfson testified that he had not been successful in restoring competency to patients with the
drug Olanzapine. Nevertheless, this is one of the two drugs that he suggested as treatment for
Dr. Sell. (He is a dentist.)

Ds. Sell has been diagnosed with the persecutory subtype of delusional disorder. The Eighth Circuit
described his diagnosis as follows:

Delusional disorder is characterized by the presence of one or more nonbizarre delusions that
persist for at least one month. The delusions are generally plausible ideas that can conceivably
occur in real life. The persecutory subtype of delusional disorder is characterized by a person's
belief that he is being conspired against, cheated, spied on, followed, poisoned or drugged,
malicioulsy maligned, harassed, or obstructed....282 F.3d at 563, n.3 (emphasis supplied; citations
omitted.) It is a supreme irony that it is in order to relieve Dr. Sell of such delusions that the
government proposes to forcibly inject him with antipsychotic drugs would be placed at risk of the
dangerous, potentially life-altering and even deadly side-effects of the medications as well as
having his mental state chemically altered. The government should not be allowed to force Dr. Sell
to bear the burden of these risks.

What is also odd is that conspiracies and crimes against people indeed exist. If a governmental
official, a judge, a psych come themselves to the wrong conclusion, they say that they erred. Other
people are being declared "delusional". Why are they are not allowed to err?

People may assume something false for more than a month, nevertheless they still might just err.
Moreover, if the psychs label people delusional, several will be afraid to report certain criminal
activities as they don't want to be called delusional and don't want the psychs comming after them.

However, the worst delusion of all is that psychiatry is a real science and heals people.

Barbara Schwarz (the only real one)

P.S. Postings with e-mail address [email protected] and identities "Barbara_Schwarz",
"the real Barbara Schwarz de Rothschild" and "Truth Speaker 2" are not done by me. Those are
forgeries of criminal, Aids infected, gay lunatic Garry Lynn Scarff who is a fanatical Dave
Touretzky defender. Scarff persecutes me from thread to thread often using my name as identity
for those crimes (!) and

tries to intimidate me, libels, insults and lies about me. He also lied that he spoke to a roomate
of mine in the Utah mental health hospital. I never was in that hospital, but he probably escaped
from one. Scarff is active member of the gay WeHo "church", that according to Scarff applaudes
Scarffs lawless behavior against me. An ex-WeHo member wrote me that this "church" sanctions and
promotes dishonorable behavior and that he and his friends were raped and drugged by one of their
active members, and that one of their active members murdered others under the guise of "drug
overdose". The ex-WeHo wrote that the

doesn't see what's wrong with that.

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