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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Peter Fox, May 15, 2003.

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    Dear cycle campaigners,

    Just to report that the last three days have seen me at a public enquiry into a new road[1]. If
    anyone wants hints, tips or encouragement then get in touch and I'll be happy to pass on what I've
    learnt. By all means stick my details on your file for future reference (01376) 517206 if in a hurry
    or see sig. You're up against some slimy characters so it helps to be properly prepared.

    I was very pleased I put in the effort. As well as (I think - we have to wait and see) getting some
    result - I was able to make the Highways Agency look quite silly - and also metaphorically dob their
    barrister one on the nose when he tried some bullying - teehee.

    The planning process is lots of David and Goliath. But the David is expert (or can get help here and
    elsewhere) and Goliath is a traffic engineer which evens things out a bit. I suppose I could write
    up my experience and suggestions but would rather collaborate with others to give a broader picture
    based on more examples - so if there are any other seasoned campaigners who want to pool efforts to
    write a guide for public enquiry objectors then please get in touch.

    [1] Hatfield Peverel to Witham link road
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Thread Status:
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