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  1. Bruce Lange

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    > Instead of busing kids to school, paying bus drivers, paying gas and buying school buses, it would
    > be better in terms of children's health

    From what I understand, most experts support children walking to school (despite the potential
    dangers) because it's good for health. I always walked to elementary school or rode a bike. Quiet
    neighborhood though.

    Later in middle school, my buddy and I started riding every day through absolutely any
    conditions, to avoid getting our asses kicked on the bus. Without a doubt, the icy streets were
    far safer on a bike!


  2. Matt O'Toole

    Matt O'Toole Guest

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    > Biker <[email protected]> wrote:
    > > For some reason, all the new schools being built here are
    not in residential
    > > neighborhoods or anywhere near them.
    > >
    > then elect a new school board! the current one obviously
    > care about student health or safety.

    One of the problems is that once a town is built, plots of land big enough for schools don't exist
    within it. And if they did, the price would be too high -- perhaps the price of three schools
    built somewhere else. So available land meeting the requirements for a school is usually on the
    outskirts of town.

    Look at the recent Belmont High School debacle in Los Angeles. Since construction started, costs
    have soared to half a billion dollars, mostly due to unforseen problems with toxic waste cleanup.
    How did this happen? Well, the only plots of land left in Los Angeles big enough for schools are
    former industrial areas. Other land simply isn't available.

    There are many considerations in building schools, which are not always obvious. Civil defense is
    one -- schools are the major public structures in any community. Things like clear airspace and easy
    access to major roads are part of this.

    The solution is better planning from the outset, but the way towns evolve often precludes it.

    Matt O.
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