Puking on intense rides?

I tend to get nausea when I'm riding hard, but I've learned to control it so that I don't throw up. However, I'd advise you to consult your doctor just to check if you're suffering from any internal problems. All the best of luck, I hope it's not anything serious.
Most likely due to the fact that your body might not have been used to the exercise and may cause puking and such as your body gets a bit roughed up.
Nausea isn't necessarily a sign that there's something majorly wrong, but probably just more of a sign that you've pushed your body too hard, too quickly.

If you build yourself up to the longer distances but your still feeling nauseous, then that's maybe the time to see a doctor to get some advice.
You might be going too hard if you are on the verge of puking. The only time I've nearly puked from an intense cardio activity was from high school football PT in the summer. You ate 3.5 hours before, so the food probably wasn't the issue. If it doesn't happen during lighter sessions, you simply are going too hard.
I am really nauseous person when it come to exercising. So I totally understand what you are saying, I felt it while biking or running or even just light exercise.
I do not think that the wrong is with your way of biking or speed or strength, more like stomach and intensities.
Maybe try eating less before a really intense session of cycling? Can't puke if there's nothing to puke, am I right? Just stick to fluids to hydrate yourself, and a really light breakfast just to get enough energy to finish your session. Or, if you really want to eat a lot, make sure there's enough time for your body to digest it before you go out and cycle through your schedule. Puking damages your heart valves, so you shouldn't do it if you can avoid it.
I also think that people don't necessarily know enough about nutrition when it comes to exercise, and your right, you need to allow enough time to digest you food before you start to exercise.

While food does give your body energy, at the same time you can't just eat and then ride straight after like some people do, without you being sick.
Yes, I have, any physical activity that pushes you past your breaking point will cause it. I don't recommend this unless you are seriously trying to push yourself to the limit to compete in some type of contest. I was training for a marathon once and didn't want to stop because I knew if I did that I would lose the will to keep going, so as gross as it sounds, I would puke and keep going. It was horrible, honestly one of the worst experiences ever, but one that I'm glad that I pushed myself to do. You never know what you're capable until you cross that line.
Never happened to me before. Definitely, I suggest to go see a doctor. This is the kind of things you just can't rely on consulting internet and requires a physical examination.