Punctures on trainer


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Oct 23, 2004
I'm getting punctures on my trainer (Tacx Vortex). Normal bike, normal wheels, calibrated correctly, and running the Continental trainer tyre. This started a few months back, I'm getting one a week or so, even with new tubes.

Just not sure where it's coming from - they seem to be either a (small) opening in the join/seal of the tube, or what look like pinch flats. Running tyres around 90 psi (I'm fairly light), though running them higher or even a bit lower than that doesn't seem to make any difference.

I thought it might be even the rim tape, but that seems fine. As always with a trainer, tyre gets fairly warm, though I wouldn't say it was super hot either.

You might want to check for a burr on the wheel. If you can't find anything I would probably replace the rim tape just to be sure but be check underneath before you put the new tape on. Also, you probably already thought about this, but be sure you arent catching the tube between the rim and tire. Good luck and let us know what you find out. Brian
yeah check under the rim tape carefully for spoke heads or a rim imperfection coming up with the potential to pinch your tube, also take out the tire and inspect it carefully to spot any glass or other things stuck in there, only once i experienced something similar but it was due to a very old tubular i was using, it exploded under me, but nothing like what you are describing,
Thanks for the tips.

This is my trainer bike, and is never ridden outside. Tyre is a trainer tyre, so also, has never been ridden outside. Hard to see how glass or whatever could have worked its way in there ...

Still, must be something going on!

Have checked rim tape, but will just replace it and double check, and see where that gets me.

Thanks again.
Had the same problem with Conti's trainer tire. The threads at the underside of the tire cause the punctures from the pressure of the roller against the tire and the friction of the threads between the tube. Get ride of the tire and your problem will immediately be solved. At least it was for me...ymmv.