Any one using self adhesive patches? Any comments? Are they OK to carry in a race instead of a repair kit? ??? (Plus two tubes?) ::)
I carry two brand new tubes in my tool bag rather than a repair kit. There is no way I'm going to sit next to the road trying to find a small hole in a tube and then repair it while the rest of the field slips away.
What I never do, however, is throw away the punctured tube (unless it's torn). I slip it into my jersey pocket to repair at home later on. It makes me mad when I see cyclists discard their punctured tubes along the road. :mad:
I carry only one spare tube but also a repair kit. I figure if I get 2 punctures in one race then I'm really unlucky. Only ever had a puncture in a race once. Mainly because I make sure my tyre are in excelent condition before the race (normaly cause I've had a few punctures in training and have had to change the tyre) and also if you pump your tyres to the recomended pressure (normaly 120 psi) then the chance of punctures are less.

B.T.W. This new tyre I bought with kevlar in it is pretty good at preventing punctures.
I got myself two new Vittoria Kevlar tyres recently. Pretty neat!
Yes, I suppose carrying 2 tubes & a repair kit is rather like the pessamist who wears braces AND a belt AND carries a piece of string! ;D That's why my middle name is "Murphy"! ;)
What I really wanted to know is can you substitute self adhesive patches for a repair kit. I mean they look neat, weigh nothing (like 6 postage stamps), and looks like a quick fix without the mess! But do they work? ??? Has anyone used them? Any problems or comments?
yep iv tried them and here is what i found

* Pros
Easy stick on and its done

Self adhesive glue does not cover the eges of them,
so if you have a snakebite puncture it will not cover it.

I use normal patches for that reason besides normal patches only take a few more minutes.
Yep, I've tried them, didn't work for me. But then the chap who gave me them said they didn't work for him, so my attempt was probably only half-hearted. I'll stick to the German 'Remac Tip Top', hard to get, but the best, imo.

Those Vittoria Kevlars must be good, they seem to be very popular, so quickly.

I keep looking in my bike shed - not one 700 C wheel to be seen. Maybe it's time I got a modern bike? :)