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David Alyea

Hey y'all-

I run the web site QBike.com, which lists bike gear for sale from around the web. The site
indexes 55,000 product listings from 35 web sites, including Nashbar, Performance, Jenson USA,
Supergo, and Ebay.

I recently added some cool new features: price drops and new items. Price drops show which
products have dropped in price overnight, either because the items went on sale or just because
the price went down. You can list price drops by biggest savings (like 80%!) or by your favorite
retailer. New items pages are just that: new items from retailers. As soon as it's in stock
somewhere, you'll know it!

As always, the key thing on QBike is fast searching. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it
quickly- and at the best prices.

If anyone would like to suggest a biking web site or a cool feature to add, please email me.

Thanks, David Alyea
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