Question about 2002 Giant OCR 2


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Feb 28, 2012
Hi All, looking for some help real quick. I am new to road biking and have signed up for a tri and need a bike (I also wanted one before that as well) but wasnt looking to spend too much. 2002 Giant OCR 2, size L All Shimano Tiagra stock components, Mavic wheels & good Michelins I also have Wellgo clip-less pedals and Pearl iZUMi cycling shoes (Mens 13, but fits more like a 12) Pictures show it looks to be in good condition. Owner is asking 350 for the package. Assuming the L fits (I am 6' 1/2" tall) is this a good bike for my situation and a fair price. Is 300 a fair offer? Thanks,
350 what? Euros, pesos? If you're talking about US dollars, 350 is steep for a 10-year-old bike that probably cost $900 when new, that will look a little dated next to a 2011 Tiagra bike that you can probably get for $950.

A large OCR does sound right for your height, though. Giant wasn't making the Medium-large in '02.

These days I don't recommend buying used bikes for newbies without having a shop evaluate it and write up a repair estimate. The balky shifter that the seller says just needs a little adjustment could be a kinked cable or a bent hanger (cheap fix), or a shifter about to give up the ghost (expensive). And while there may be nothing major wrong with the bike, those cheap fixes add up when it comes to getting the bike to a condition that makes you want to rely on it and ride it every day.
Thanks, yea 10 years does seem old. Do you believe I should go to a local bike shop? I doubt I can get anything in that price range there, even used
At the very least you should take that 2002 Giant you're looking at to a bike shop and get them to do an estimate of needed repairs and needed replacements, as Oldbobcat said.

Based on the bike shop's estimate you could then negotiate a reasonable price for that bike, or decide you need to keep looking.

If the bike seller won't agree to letting the bike shop assess the condition of the bike and do a price estimate on the the repairs...then you should start looking for other bikes....
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Thanks, yea 10 years does seem old. Do you believe I should go to a local bike shop? I doubt I can get anything in that price range there, even used
Decent new bikes at shops start around $850, on sale. With a budget less than $400, you're committed to buying used. has some tempting offerings in this range, but professional assembly will add at least $60 to your costs, and some of the components look dodgy. For example, Microshift 8-speed control levers are pretty much useless.

This Giant might be the right bike for you. We're just saying do your homework and don't pay more than it's worth. If the bike checks out perfectly--new rubber, straight wheels, new cables, new chain and cassette, fresh handlebar tape, no rattles or squeaks, crisp braking and shifting into all the gears, and the bike is clean--not showroom clean but clean like it has been well cared for, and then given some extra spit and polish for the sale--then I might pay $350 for it. That would be for a mechanically perfect and cosmetically very nice 10-year-old bike. A basic tune-up with no new parts usually costs around $60. Add $30 for a drivetrain cleaning, and we still haven't replaced any parts yet, and you're talking about real money.

Proceed with caution and be aware of the costs.
cytunz said:
I think its better for you to go to the bicycle shop for new one, with new condition that's more satisfy for you
But the OP is much better off buying used than buying any of the **** bikes in your link.