Question About Classic Peugeot Road Bike

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    Greetings fellow cyclists,

    First of all, my apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place.

    I have just joined, and sadly it is on a bad note :(. In September my 1981 Peugeot PKN-10 Comp├ętition was stolen from my front porch. I purchased the bike from the original owner back in 2007. He had owned three of them -- I have attached a photo of the bike.

    I hate to admit that I foolishly did not register the bike with the city of Ann Arbor (where I live). However, I always thought that I would be covered, since I had the original receipt and owner's manual from the original owner. When two weeks ago I was walking along and happened to see my bike -- I knew this without a shadow of a doubt -- I called the police and had my roommate bring over the receipt.

    The police normally would have released the bike to me, but I had some trouble convincing them it was mine, given that the numbers on the receipt and on the bike were different. There were two numbers on the bike, one beginning with "00", the other partially hidden beneath the plastic guide for the derailleur cables, which read "12". There was also a random 1 on the bottom of the frame.

    I have never been more certain of anything in my life, though since the numbers did not match, I could not get my bike back. The rear derailleur I replaced was on it (the factory one didn't keep tension anymore), as well as the same cheap Bike Nashbar tires. The police left, and I stood there, helpless, since justice would not be served.

    Fast-forward: I thought it was funny that the receipt I had read 25", when my bike had a 23" frame. I contacted the owner, and sure enough, when I bought it two years ago, he gave me the receipt for a different bike. He found the correct one, which has the number "1121419" on it. The problem is that the other number started with "112", and I don't know where this number is on the bike (is it indeed the one beneath that plastic piece for the derailleur?). The only thing I can think of is the "12" beneath the plastic piece for the derailleur cables, though that is not enough evidence for the police.

    I waited for the fellow to come out of the building and eventually he did, and I confronted him. His story didn't line up, though I did believe the part about him purchasing the bike on Craigslist. I would not want to be out that much money either ($300, he claimed).

    Anyway, I asked for his name and number, and he gave it to me, and now I have this new number. This should be the correct receipt, so I think I can get the bike back. I just don't know where this number would show up on the bike? Can anyone help? Otherwise it will be lost forever, which would be a tragedy. I've ridden it thousands of miles all over the state of Michigan. I just want it back.

    Plus I definitely want to help this fellow out who bought it -- I don't want him to lose his money. I don't think he would have been stupid enough to steal it and lock it up just three blocks from where I live...