Question about Dawes/Motobecane

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by minhaj85, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Apr 21, 2005
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    I was interested in buying a entry level bike. Didn't really wanna spend more than 350 dollars. I found two pretty good deals on eBay. One was the Dawes Lightening DLX and the other was the Motobecane Mirage Pro. The Dawes has

    Full Chrome-moly Dura-Forte Frame and fork; with Alex Aluminum rims, Shimano Sora 24-speed der's with SHIIMANO STI shifters, Maxxis 130 PSI 700c tires, quick release wheels front and rear, aluminum alloy hubs, RPM aluminum crank, Aluminum alloy pedals including toe clips with straps, aluminum stem, aluminum handlebar, aluminum seatpost, SHIMANO SORA aluminum side-pull brakes and levers, plus a very nice Velo Road bike seat

    and the Mirage Pro has

    a Kinesis 7005 Aluminum frame and a DuraFort chrome-moly fork PLUS Shimano 24-speed Sora Der and Sora Shifters with ability to shift from the brake levers - Alex Aluminum rims, Shimano Sora brakes, Aluminum alloy triple crank and sealed bearing hubs.

    Can anyone give me some advice. I wanna use it around campus but also wanna take it for rides around Boston. If anyone knows a better bike for that price that would be cool too. Thanks.:)