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Jun 30, 2006
hey everyone. i'm new to the site, not to biking. been biking for 3 years and just picked up my first road bike. i road a raleigh c30 for the first 3 years and now i'm riding a 2006 raleigh grand prix.

anyway, to my question:

i've owned the grand prix less than 30 days and about 15 days ago the chain started to clink bad running through the rear derailleur and cassette. i tried the high/low adjustment screws and made sure they were fine. then i did all the tests the shimano manuals recommend you try. still had clicking. brought it to my LBS (where i purchased it) they said the cable was too loose (durrr). so it rode great for a week until today. went on a 20 mile ride before the sun went down and on the way home i started having trouble shifting again with clicks. tried tightening the cable with the "slight-adjustment" knob on the frame. i pulled into my driveway, checked to see the derailleur was lined up right, and SURPRISE!!! my chainstay is cracked on the chain side! woohoo!!

i really doubt i could do this within 20 hours of riding in 30 days... so it was probably their fault? guess i'm just looking for some reassurance before i run over to the LBS and give a piece of my mind selling me a cracked frame.

thanks for your time everyone
my tip is that should have no trouble getting that frame replaced, especially such an inexpensive one.

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