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Dec 13, 2014
Hello folks, I have a question about the value of a bike. Basically my father is selling a bike for his girlfriend. Her son passed away unfortunately but was an avid rider and triathlete. So I am trying to sell this bike for my dad but neither of us have any idea what we should be trying to get for this. If anyone has any information or advice they could give me I would really appreciate it. Anyway here are the specs that I have written down for the bike:
Octalink superlight FSA cranks
graphite Mavic rimes with carbon spokes KSYRIUM
OCLV carbon forks
Shamano ultegra derailer record titanium
Easton EC90 seat stem

I also have a serial number if that helps. Sorry about the limited information but its all I have to go on. I added some pictures for you all as well. Thanks again for any help !



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Aug 31, 2003
It looks like a fine bike, but there are some factors that narrow your audience here: the age (10+ years), the large frame, its long low cockpit geometry, the individualistic triathlon setup, the mixed Campagnolo and Shimano drivetrain, and the need of a bit of light maintenance. For maximum profit, it might make sense to part it out. It's possible that's what your buyer will do anyway.

Replace, or have someone replace that kinked rear shift cable and housing. It's an open invitation for bargaining down the price. When you list it, post a clear full profile photo of the right-hand (drive) side so your customers can eyeball its size and proportions and the drivetrain.

I'd list it locally for $1100. Don't mention "or best offer," you'll get those anyway. In the ad, stress positives--it's in excellent condition, the steerer hasn't been cut, and the Mavic wheels are 11-speed compatible. I don't know whether he's got a Campagnolo or Shimano cassette on there, but if it's the wrong one for your buyer, the replacement is only $100. And be prepared to negotiate. I'd probably let it go for $900 in a snap, but for anything lower than that, say you'll get back to them.

Your ideal customer will be a young triathlete who is tall, doesn't have a lot to spend but wants something special, and doesn't mind if it's a little odd if he can make it go fast. Or, a tall road rider who doesn't mind putting in some parts and sweat equity to make it his.