Question about time trial training


Apr 8, 2006
My training is focused solely on shorter TTs (5 and 10K). I have three types of training days: 3 two-mile intervals at near max, 1 or 2 seven-mile intervals at about 90-95% max heart rate, and a 25-mile ride at moderate to hard pace. I generally train every other day, with a rest day in between.

I've been doing these in weekly blocks: one week of the two-mile intervals, one week of the seven-mile intervals, and one week of the longer rides.

Now I'm wondering about doing it this way instead: two-mile intervals, rest day, seven-mile intervals, rest day, 25-mile ride, rest day, two-mile intervals, etc.

Does anyone have any opinions about which might be the better way to train?


New Member
Jun 16, 2004
Even taking into account individual recovery, those two milers should be so hard that you won't be able to recover in only one day. These should be white hot intensity slightly above the threshold you hit for the seven milers. Give yourself an extra day of recovery after these.