Question for Maarten


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May 3, 2002
Hey Maarten, <br /><br />I hope you can help me. The unfortunate time has come for me to replace my cassette, chain and chain-rings. As I run Campy, and am in SA, this is going to be an expensive exercise.<br /><br />Do you know of any online Campagnolo dealers in your area (or others in Eurpoe) that give good deals on Campy stuff? I know for a fact that I will save at least R600 on a Chorus Cassette if I import it my self, and that' s not even if I get a good deal from an online trader.<br /><br />Hope you can help.<br /><br />Thanks<br /><br />then hit the fietsen button and then you get the price list<br />casette chorus 9-speed casette 67 euro's, chain 17.5euro <br />10-speed casette 99euro chain 33 euro<br /><br />15 euro shipping costs and you have to bear in mind costs you pay at your bank for payments to the netherlands<br />South africa is on there shipping to list.<br /><br /><br />or <br /><br />record 9-speed chain 19euro<br />10-speed casette 102euro<br /><br /><br />;wce=all<br /><br />9speed daytona casette 33pounds(approx 55euro)<br /><br />But there are much more online stores if you need 10 speed They probabely all have it 9 speed ain't that common any more for chorus you might have to drop to centaur parts<br /><br />I'll sugest you have a look yourself<br />use and type chorus casette or camapgnolo casette and you 'll find many online stores prices vary a lot. <br /><br />The above mentioned may not be the best deals around but It are good deals compared to belgian prices. Use google and ask them if they ship to south africa <br /><br /><br />Euro rand exchange rates is at 9.2 rands for a Euro<br /><br />I mostly use salden as a refference if my local bikeshop matches there price or comes near I stop looking because cheaper will be hard to find locally unless you know somenone who can cut you a real deal.<br /><br />I suggest you might order 2 chains and 2 casettes or buy together with a friend It will save you on shipping and bank costs.
Thanks Maarten, Good Idea.<br /><br />I'll do the homework and send an update for anyone else looking for some Campag parts.<br /><br />I've been quoted the following here in SA.<br /><br />Chorus 10sp Cassette - R1690<br />Record 10sp Chain - R800<br /><br />They have not got back to me about the chain rings, but I'm sure I'll save a packet, just in terms of the price difference, even including the bank charges.
If you really want to save money consider alternative brands<br /><br />For chain rings look For the french Brand TA specialities they make them as good or better shim &amp; campy <br /><br />S-Ram has a Good and reliable 9-speed chains the pc-59 they also have 8 and I believe 10 speed but I forgot the specific number check there website for info<br /><br />For casettes check miche, dont know for 10-speed but for 8 and 9 they are definitely cheaper , they are even cheaper than veloce parts with same or better quality, they also sell separate cog's, it aint Dura ace or record quality but they are as good or better as veloce and 105 but considerably cheaper