Questions about tricycles--the whole map!


May 11, 2014
I am working on a tricycle build based on an old Sears delta model. So this thread is going to go all over the map. First question: where do I find parts? I'm looking for a "solid axle" which drives with both tires.
I have front brakes now and a Shimano megadrive cassette and adpter on the way. Still looking for rear brakes and that left hub. Oh, it's a 1960's Ted Williams (Sears) that looks based on the JC Higgins bicycle.
FWIW. I do NOT think that you want a solid axle which simultaneously drives both rear wheels ...
  • UNLESS you figure out how to install the equivalent of a positraction transaxle ... AND/OR, UNLESS you are only planning on toddling along at
It was purchased many years ago as a tricycle from Sears. While I realize a solid rear axle will make it less agile and wear tires, I spend a lot of time spinning my right tire on the push roads I am prone to ride, and at times I wish my left tire was also pushing. Also, some of the load-handling and towing projects I have in mind, even distribution of power to both tires makes more sense to me right now.
What kind of reflective paint is good to use o a bicycle? I'm wanting to paint this one either fire engine red, hunter green, or electric blue to where it looks like regular paint during daylight but it shines of a night when car headlights hit it. Also, has anyone tried that glow in the dark paint? How well does it work?
A double freehub design, a differential or single-side drive are the preferred layouts for RWD upright adult trikes.

Adopting the proper steering/turning technique is critical to rider survival.

As you can plainly see, holding your mouth just so is as important to cornering at speed as is hanging off like Reggie Pridmore going full-tilt boogie on a BMW horizontally opposed twin.
Paint that really reflects car headlights? Try the stuff with tiny glass balls mixed in.

It looks fairly normal in daylight and a clear coat smooths the finish considerably while only slightly reducing reflectivity.

Random link to the stuff:

If you have a compressor/spray gun rig application is easy.

Several companies offer clear coat with pre-mixed glass reflective beads to go over your color coat.

Glass beads light up light a stop sign when hit with vehicle headlights.
It is one of those types of trikes, and riding it on pavement isn't a problem. However, with the ruts and other anomalies on push roads, riding this trike turns more into a bull rodeo.